Dynamic Decision Engine

Deliver cross channel real time marketing, based on all customer interactions across any touch point.

The world of Campaign Management and Real Time Interaction Management are merging. The challenge the marketer faces today, with data silos, boundaries between multiple channels and customer communications must change. Customers expect brands to be joined up, they demand that brands use their personal information to deliver relevant experiences. The Dynamic Decision Engine enables cross-channel real time Campaign Management to deliver a consistent customer experience.

Execute marketing campaigns in real time, based on fast contextual touchpoint data and slow geodemographic and historic behavioral data.
Ensure any interaction on the website, explicitly or implicitly, is not only leveraged in session but also cross-channel, if the customer contacts the call centre at the same time.
Ensure the personalized email scheduled later that day automatically maps to the new understanding of the customer with seamless integration with Alterian Campaign Manager.
Manage all customer experiences in a single place, based on immediately actionable analytical insight with a complete real-time picture of the customer.
Personalize interactions and experience for the anonymous visitor based on their real time, historic and known behaviors, accelerating conversions to customer and to brand advocate.
Meet customer expectations on any interaction, by reacting in real time, with all available information, making the brand engage on an individual basis with the customer.

What makes Dynamic Decision Engine so powerful?

  • Determine the decisions on real time touch points, based on intuitive drag and drop analytics without the need for IT
  • Combine real time and offline events to create true customer behavioural segments
  • Ensure scheduled communications take into account the customers’ real time journey across multiple touch points
  • Refine and fine tune rules by analysing the interaction and behavioural outcomes of your customer

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