Dynamic Decision Engine

Personalize Messaging in Full Context as the Customer Interaction is Happening… in Milliseconds

The Dynamic Decision Engine (DDE) is a channel agnostic decision engine that enables marketers to optimize content for a specific customer in less than 100 milliseconds as the brand interaction is occurring using the latest state of the customer relationship

Every single time your customer interacts with you, DDE will merge mass amounts of historical (slow) data with in-the-moment behavioral (fast) data for a given consumer to maintain the latest state of each customer relationship and use it to decide in the moment which content to send and optimization. These decisions are consistent across all channels, and are realtime, scheduled, or event driven. Most importantly, they are taken in the context of the ongoing customer’s journey. DDE continuously updates the state of that customer relationship with the new behavior as it’s happening, then centralizes the state, making it readily available across all potential touchpoints in less than 100 milliseconds so that every channel is prepared to leverage this new information, which is critical to deliver the right message when the next interaction occurs.

No matter where and when your known customers or anonymous browsers interact with you, DDE can consistently influence their decision and maximize every opportunity to increase the lifetime value of each relationship. 

Optimize your messaging as brand interaction is occurring in less than 100 milliseconds based on merging slow data (i.e. proximity, geodemographic, historical transaction, audience segmentationthird-party systems, etc.) with fast data (in-the-moment contextual and behavioral touchpoint activity).
Remove the personalization decisions and customer state from the channel and centralize them into a single engine that can reach customers in any channel, enabling you to adapt to your customers at lightning speeds!
Deploy new system-wide DDE campaigns, configuration changes, and optimizations across every channel at once in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.
Make slow data fast by pulling in data from any external third-party data source that the customer isn’t currently interacting with and merge it with other fast data in milliseconds as the customer is interacting with your brand or to other slow data inside your Adaptive Marketer DataMart to enrich your DDE campaigns and more effectively achieve your business objectives.
Collect and persist anonymous customer activity data from different devices and sessions (fast data) and merge with known customer data upon first-party authentication so you can use non-authenticated activity data to update the latest state of your known customer and use it send the right message during the next interaction.
Fully adapt and appropriately influence the customer’s decision to convert no matter where and when a brand interaction occurs.

What’s in the Box?

  • Real-Time Campaigns
  • Real-Time Rule Designer
  • Real-Time Rule Manager
  • Real-Time Connectors
  • Identity Management
  • Data Mobilization

Your First Few Minutes with DDE

  • Apply audience segment from Insights
  • Select channels & placements
  • Create & manage real-time rules
  • Set up real-time connectors & events
  • Create or upload messaging / creative
  • Test DDE campaign configuration
  • Deploy!

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