Email Manager

Target. Create. Send. Monitor.
Emails your customers are excited to open.

Email Manager, backed by the strength of Customer Analytics, empowers marketers to deliver highly targeted, individualized emails that drive relevancy and personalization. Email Manager provides marketers direct, personal interaction with customers through measurable email campaigns.

More than just a traditional email tool, Email Manager is an integrated customer engagement solution that allows you to deliver content that your customers want, not just what you think they should see.

As part of any good email campaign, it needs to be personal. As Alterian Email Manager is integrated with our advanced analytics, marketers have access to all customer data to segment and personalize content for individuals.
With our dynamic content capabilities, create and manage message templates, landing pages and micro sites and easily incorporate content tailored for the individual to maximise brand consistency and engagement.
Feel confident hitting send. Use Alterian Email Manager to send or trigger targeted messages with dynamic, on-demand or automated personalized content. This ensures that your customer and prospects will be excited to receive your email.
Don’t forget the importance of monitoring your campaigns. Campaign Dashboards allows marketers to monitor all campaign performance and access and action on all responses in near real-time.

Alterian Email Manager – putting the intelligence into your email program

  • Send emails that are welcomed by customers because they are relevant and timely

  • Customize messages to specific customers or groups

  • Control delivery to maximize open rates and easily view exactly how each campaign is performing

  • Check how your emails will appear on different platforms

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