Oath is now Verizon Media Group – Impacts on Email Marketing

As of last month Yahoo! and AOL now live under the rebranded name of Verizon Media Group. What does this mean for email marketers?

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Campaign Manager Opportunity Tree Pattern

Campaign Manager 6.2

Alterian launches the latest release of Campaign Manager, a core component of our Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform. Our technology allows marketers to operate within a single marketing system, offering a seamless user experience that enables digital marketers to compete and win in the omnichannel world.

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Crowned Chameleon: Harley Thorne

Harley is an incredibly dynamic problem solver, working across all Alterian departments to ensure the success of our clients and colleagues alike. Learn more about this Jack-of-all-Trades in and out of the office—including his obsession for the Bristol Rovers!

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online information

Too Much Data?

With the mass amounts of information being generated online in the modern era, it’s not surprising that many marketers feel they’ve simply got too much data. However, the data isn’t actually the problem—the tools you need to make sense of it are.

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Jaap Jan van den Bosch skydiving

Crowned Chameleon: Jaap Jan van den Bosch

Jaap Jan van den Bosch works for Alterian out of the Netherlands. As a user experience designer, his attention to detail and willingness to work across teams and with our partners makes him stand out. Learn more about him, including his high action adventures, like vertical skydiving.

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CX Starts With a Z

What was the digital landscape like when you were a kid? Vastly different than it is today for Gen Z, that’s for sure. As a marketer, you’re are responsible for CX strategy. How can you intelligently adapt to various age brackets, especially generations outside of your own?

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Crowned Chameleon: Mal Roberts

Mal has an infectious “lets make it happen” attitude when it comes to customer success. This product manager jumps in to any team to help colleagues solve problems. Learn a bit more about this proud father and husband with a cheeky sense of humor we all love!

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5 Things That Shaped Campaign Management and Marketing

What are the inventions, ideas, and innovations, that have made modern campaign management and marketing as we know it today? There are five things with the most influence shaping our industry, and they each have something in common.

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Winter Park Snowboarding

Crowned Chameleon: Emily Ross

Businesses don’t run without money! Emily Ross makes sure the numbers are straight, our clients are happy, and—our favorite part—that we all get paid. We honor her this month for her dedication and tenacity in making sure Alterian succeeds.

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Data Helpers Alterian

Still Waiting on IT to Pull Customer Data for Marketing?

Good news, IT teams: Marketers can now get Real-Time Adaptive Customer Counts without needing you to run reports! It’s a win-win for both departments.

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Adaptive Marketer Data Environment icon

Stop! List-Based Marketing Is Not Database Marketing

You may feel enticed by big, fancy marketing solutions, but it’s far more likely that you need a much simpler and cheaper fix: Database marketing.

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Customer Journey Maps Don’t Work Anymore… So Upgrade Them

If we can’t control people with customer journey maps, let’s stop trying to. Let’s focus on truly knowing them at all times, regardless of time and place.

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