Inconsistent Customer Experience Across Channels

Providing multiple competing brand experiences across your ecosystem? Struggling to market fast enough to stay relevant regardless of the channel? Forced to build complex customer journey maps to account for too many scenarios?

The Problem

Let’s face it—your customers are in control of their behavior, not you. Your customer journey maps aren’t working as well anymore because, by design, they try to limit the customer’s interaction to a set amount of channels that don’t talk to each other and are in a specific order. The increasing number of channels adds convenience for your customers, but makes it challenging for you adapt to unpredictable customer behavior and stay relevant.

The Solution

Adaptive Marketers™ can focus on optimizing customers instead of channels. Leverage your own Adaptive Marketer™ Data Environment to combine everything you know about the customer (slow data) with their in-the-moment behavior (fast data) to decide the most relevant message possible. Chameleon™ will then make the new and latest state of the customer’s relationship available for any channel to use for the next interaction so that the message remains relevant.


Say yes to boosting engagement by 50% to see a serious commitment from your customers.

Customer Journey Map

Enter the new and exciting era of Adaptive Marketing.

Linear customer journey maps just don’t work anymore. Check out this white paper, What is Adaptive Marketing?, to learn what it takes to upgrade to dynamic Opportunity Trees™. Educate yourself on the new Adaptive Marketing concept and explore the key essentials to becoming the ultimate Adaptive Marketer™ so you can stop providing inconsistent and competing customer experiences.

Enter the New Era