Online and Offline Integration

The Problem

An almost or returning customer abandons the basket on an eCommerce site. Later, that customer purchases the item that was abandoned in the online shopping cart — but completes the actual purchase off-line in a retail store. Unfortunately, the customer continues to receive ‘abandoned basket’ reminders to complete the original online transaction after the purchase is completed.

The Solution

Alterian Customer Experience platform has the ability to influence customers wherever they may be at a specific moment in their purchase journey. So while the software can prompt you to send an email reminder re: ‘complete an abandoned transaction,’ Alterian is also smart enough to recognize when an action, in this case an off-line purchase is completed via an alternative means. Constant cross-channel activity monitoring makes this possible. Timely and relevant messaging across all touchpoints is now feasible, immediate, and often automatically updated per the customer’s behavior.



Improved Cost Efficiency: Suppresses pay-per-click and display ads as soon as purchase completes on any channel.

Improved Customer Experience: Customers are not exposed to irrelevant messages and other offers.

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