Siloed Campaign Performance & Results

Feel like your campaign results are skewed because they aren’t fully integrated with each other? How do you report on a customer that simultaneously exists within two active campaigns? How confident are you that each campaign is considering all historical customer information?

The Problem

Digital marketers are often forced to power their campaigns using audience segments created in separate tools that contain partial context of each customer relationship. Partial customer information leads to weaker campaign results. It also becomes difficult to integrate and prioritize multiple campaigns from different tools in the event that a single customer simultaneously exists inside more than one active campaign. The effect is skewed campaign results, which leads to inaccurate optimization and siloed measurement.

The Solution

Because the Adaptive Marketer™ Data Environment acts as the foundation for Chameleon™, Adaptive Marketers can build audience segments and power adaptive real-time campaigns from the same tool. This ensures the full and latest state of each customer relationship is top of mind. As campaigns go live and customers start to interact, Chameleon™ will simultaneously share and update the customer relationship information across all active campaigns in real-time. This provides holistic campaign results as they come in, and drives better campaign performance.


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View real-time campaign performance that always considers the full context of each customer relationship.

Check out nine solutions that Campaign Manager offers so you can start to better understand the results of your campaigns. Experience the benefits of real-time results as campaigns are live and customer response data flows in. Plus, view holistic reports so that you optimize your campaigns based on the full picture of each customer relationship.  

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