The Power of Understanding Customers in Real-Time



The bank had already spent more than 18 months trying to map out three customer journeys they thought needed improvement. It was a lengthy and difficult task, a direct result of disconnected data along with the multiple teams and different channels involved in customer interactions.

Key challenges:
  • Siloed data storage from different customer channels.
  • No team had a full picture of the true customer journeys.
  • No way to view customer journeys and behaviors or pinpoint customer experience breakpoints.
  • Extensive time and resources spent navigating large amounts of data and mapping journeys.

All efforts and actions based on guesswork not actual behavior.

The Solution

From the moment the bank partnered with Alterian, the benefits were immediate and wide-ranging. The implementation of rapid customer journey analytics proved to be a game-changer.

Set up in just six weeks with the support of the Alterian team, the platform finally gave the bank what they needed – the ability to view customer behavior in real-time. Seamlessly pulling real-time data from the bank’s eight key channels and systems into a central dashboard, it gave all teams across the business a single source of truth to monitor customer behavior across all channels.

The Benefits

From the moment Alterian’s Real-Time CX platform was put into action, the bank was able to make significant improvements across their customer journeys.

  • Prioritize critical journeys
  • Understand the power of customer segmentation
  • Corrected Previous Assumptions about customer behavior

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