Adaptive Customer Experience™ Connectors Brief

Adaptive Customer Experience Connectors

Leverage hundred of connectors to build the most Adaptive Customer Experience™ possible.

Within the Adaptive Marketer™ Data Environment, Chameleon™ offers hundreds of different connectors to help you create the most Adaptive Customer Experience™ possible. These connectors add additional context from external data sources in real time as you personalize messaging in the moment. 

The Adaptive Marketer Data Environment includes: 

  • Alterian Library – Pre-configured connector templates 
  • Open-Source Library – Hundreds of pre-built open-source connectors 
  • Files – Leverage traditional extract files via AWS S3 
  • Custom – Build new custom connectors 

Download the ACX Connectors Brief for a list of just a few of the connectors we support, from categories like CRM & call center, cloud services, data, web, real-time context, social, campaign management, programmatic advertising, and IoT/consumer devices.

Download the brief to see the list of major connectors. Isn’t it time to become an Adaptive Marketer™?