Insurance Case Study

Alterian Insurance Case Study Results

We work with one of the largest automobile insurers in the United States. It’s a fast paced, dynamic, and entrepreneurial organization that offers a variety of property and casualty products, including personal auto, RV, motorcycle, commercial auto, and homeowners insurance.

As a company, they noticed that both their prospects and existing customers were becoming hesitant to either sign up or renew with full coverage for their low-cost policies. The business wanted to see if offering limited liability coverage at an affordable price instead of full coverage would lower the barrier to entry and increase the chance of purchasing policies.

The Adaptive Marketer™ challenge was to find a strategic way to increase policy purchases by driving relevant awareness of limited liability coverage.

After working with The Chameleon™ Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform, the insurance provider saw:

  • 6.25% increase in incremental revenue on limited liability policy renewals and sign-ups during a two-month period
  • 66% increase in conversion rate due to personalization; it improved from 3% to 5%
  • 20% increase in conversions, or monthly policy renewals and sign-ups

Curious to see how they did it? Download the case study to dive into the meaning of adaptive marketing and how it has transformed their customer experience.

“Our Adaptive Marketer Data Environment helped us personalize the customer experience based on a full and shared understanding of who our customers were AND are.”

– Director of Database Marketing