Campaign Management

Map campaign strategies to individual customer journeys. Deliver great customer experiences.

As the balance of power continues to shift from brands to consumers, your customers demand that you interact with them as individuals across multiple touch points, devices and channels and deliver a unique and meaningful customer experience. To remain competitive, brands must drive relevancy at every touch point, create a seamless customer journey and deliver a consistent message across all channels. Creating a solid connection between what your customer expects and what you can deliver isn’t always aligned. Don’t worry, Alterian Campaign Manager can help.

Turn insight into action utilizing the power of integrated analytics and segmentation, enabling marketers to understand relevant communications at any stage of the customer journey.
Marketers can orchestrate cross-channel campaigns, to manage relevant and timely communications across digital, social and traditional channels
Alterian Campaign Manager enables marketers to map campaign strategies to individual customer journeys, designed to help them take the next step on their journey with your brand.
Alterian Campaign Manager empowers marketers to meet customer expectations by delivering a seamless transition between multiple devices and channels in a single campaign journey.
Execute simple or complex multi-step, multi-channel campaigns which adapt to customer behaviors, to drive engagement together with your marketing strategy.
Adapt to your customers’ behaviors, react to events and monitor your campaign performance to drive greater engagement from a single solution

What makes Alterian Campaign Manager so powerful?

  • Initiate campaigns based on robust customer data to deliver the right message, at the right time, via the right channel

  • Execute simple or complex waterfall segmentation with predictive analytics and selections

  • Boost productivity by automating regular programs such as re-activation or cross-sell

  • Marketing friendly tools let you set up even complex campaigns rapidly

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