Why Journeys?

Discover how customer experience impacts business through journey analytics and journey orchestration.

Customer expectations have changed – they expect brands to know them, personalize content and deliver next best actions – all in real-time across every touchpoint. A platform that has both Journey Analytics and Journey Orchestration enables this experience.

“As customers embrace new, never-before-seen behaviors, journey orchestration can help your firm now to…Understand new customer  behaviors as they happen.”  Forrester

Customer-led Transformation

A customer-led transformation is occurring within businesses around the world. Brands seek to become more customer-centric and need help to understand their customers and leverage customer insights to action superior end-to-end experiences. Customer journey analytics and journey orchestration software gives brands the ability to solve this problem whilst also reducing cost, increasing revenue, and delivering better customer satisfaction.

  • Journey analytics provides new insight into customer behavior and how it is impacting business objectives visualized through customer journeys.
  • Journey orchestration gives brands the power to act on these insights, solve pain points and drive results through personalized customer experiences delivered in real-time.

Alterian’s Real-time CX platform combines the power of journey analytics and journey orchestration into one easy-to-use, scalable software platform that is proven to deliver rapid time to value and help companies complete their customer-led transformation.

How does it work?


Digital Transformation

Alterian helps companies complete the customer-led transformation with easy-to-use, scalable journey analytics and journey orchestration software that is proven to deliver rapid time to value.

Forrester Wave Leader 2022

Alterian was named as a leader in the Journey Orchestration Platforms Wave™, Q2 2022  as a leader that is integrating with existing systems to enable real-time next-best experiences across channels.“ 

Alterian’s Real-time CX platform helps businesses: 

  • Identify the top journey’s business impact through journey analytics 
  • Realize rapid time to value through journey orchestration playbooks 
  • Easily integrate with existing solutions and accelerate adoption  

Alterian received the highest scores possible in 15 criteria, including Journey Orchestration, Journey Behavior Analysis, Client Experience, Usability and Scalability

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