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Alterian has highly skilled and experienced professional services experts who can help you determine where best to start in your organization. We will work with you every step of the way as you transform your brand’s entire Customer Experience to reach an industry-leading standard.

Rapid Time to Value with Fast Track Blueprint

At Alterian, our ethos has always been to help organizations deliver Rapid Time to Value. That is why for implementations we recommend a Use Case Approach focused on a business challenge. With each Use Case having a clear objective, the built-in tracking within the Alterian Real-Time CX Platform makes it easy to prove success.

To shorten the implementation time of use cases, we have Fast Track Blueprints available. These include recommended journeys, connectors, and reports, all configurable by a brand. These blueprints mean you can be up and running and delivering business value in days.

Rapid Time to Value

Boost productivity with out of the box connectors, decision logic and AI/ML

Our highly skilled CX Experts can support clients and partners with a range of services packages. While some clients wish to be largely self-sufficient, others like to use our services team either for particular projects, for best practice advice, or as an overflow resource.

Among the services the Alterian team can provide are:

Boost Productivity with AI and ML

Partner Enablement

Alterian has a 20 year heritage in helping Partners build profitable and successful practices built on our technology.

We work closely with our partner network, ensuring you have the right product, technical and commercial information you need, as well as training and support when required.

For new prospective partners we have a detailed enablement process, which like everything at Alterian, is focused on delivering rapid time to value.


Alterian provides a comprehensive range of training options for clients and partners. We see many different types of users accessing our technology, from occasional business users, right through to highly technical analysts and developers.

Training options available include:

The training can be delivered via online self-service training, presenter led training, 1:1 coaching or Masterclass sessions.


Ongoing Support

Alterian operates a skilled and experienced support team who operate from three main locations, USA, UK, and Australia. The support team provides comprehensive support, problem solving and expert hours sessions to partners and clients.

The Alterian ethos is to forge strong relationships with partners and clients. We hold regular meetings, as well as Business Reviews designed to ensure our customer get maximum value from working with Alterian.

Customer Support

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