Think Before They Click

Track, predict, and greet your customers at every click of their journey experience.

Alterian Real-time Customer Experience Platform

Real time

ultra-low latency sub 100ms decision

At scale

millions of interactions


connects to and across all touchpoints

High touch

personalized brand interactions

Decision algorithms

improvement through test-and-learn

Journey Visioning

Visualize each customer's path

Customers define their own journey. Alterian’s software easily recognizes and charts the ‘natural’ path as chosen by the customer. It spotlights pivotal ‘break points’ along the journey and ‘moments of truth’ experienced as customers get closer to achieving key goals, maximizing the value of every opportunity for both the customer and the brand.

Monitor influence and impact

Brands can understand and quantify the effect of each tactical journey, illustrate how it affects continuing interactions, and realize how it impacts their business goals. The platform will learn to make the most efficient enhancements— ever-evolving and optimizing each customer journey.

Connect channels and systems

Alterian provides a unified view of the customer’s experience across your digital, offline, direct, and channel interaction points. That real-time dialogue with consumers makes visualizing end-to-end customer journeys possible—tracking critical changes in your customer’s interest at each touchpoint.

Journey Orchestration

Personalize at scale

With the Alterian platform, brands can adapt a message and set different interactions for each unique customer. Identifying next best actions across concurrent channels and at scale, it ensures all interactions are relevant at every touchpoint.

Choose the moment

Alterian detects where customers are within the context of their journey at any point. Brands can influence customers via rules-based decisioning and AI to help individuals side-step break points, leverage time-sensitive opportunities, and enhance every interaction to increase customer satisfaction leading to stronger brand loyalty. Rigid, pre-determined scripts and interactions have become passé as customers expect you to interact on their terms.

Connect to serve

Alterian centralizes decisioning variables, connects disparate systems, and organizes data points to create a real-time collective intelligence nexus that orients both the front and back offices of your organization. It ensures a consistent brand voice regardless of which business segment, what interaction point, or when a customer chooses to engage. Removing complexity and contradictory brand experiences better serves your customer satisfaction.

Integrations and connectors

Through the technical looking glass

Simple-to-use, secure RESTful APIs and out-of-the-box connectors from Alterian deliver real-time connectivity with customer activity across your organization. Alterian integrates slow-moving batch data—historic customer transactions, customer segmentation—with individual journey choices and fast data to facilitate real-time decisions and develop an understanding of each customer journey.

Automate optimization & Measurement

The proactive reaction

Customers are often on diverging and converging journeys to achieve different goals, e.g. — a renewal customer might also be trying to resolve a service issue. Monitor these intersecting needs and automatically adjust priorities based on decision algorithms that determine the highest likelihood for a positive customer experience—ensuring your brand delivers the most valuable actions and messages with perfect timing.

Better, faster, smarter

Alterian tracks individual journey performance in real time and, using extensive and nuanced metrics, evaluates the success of KPI/goal performances from multiple journeys. It automatically promotes the winning strategies and enhancements that have been proven to optimize future interactions. It will also identify and deprioritize those strategies that fail to perform. Like auto-pilot for brand engagement, only smarter and more adaptable.

Prove the business impact

Alterian records and contextualizes EVERY event and interaction measured against exhaustive KPIs, revenue expectations, customer engagement metrics, actual voice of customer (VOC), NPS, and employee satisfaction. Taking it further, it helps you visualize all of this information as it relates to a representation of the customer journey, and clearly demonstrates how and where optimizations have, and might again, prove valuable in driving continuous improvement.

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