Adapt to your customers' needs with the Adaptive Customer Experience Platform.

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The Adaptive Marketer™ Approach

Customer journey maps don’t work anymore because channels don’t talk to one another.

We turn these...

Customer Journey Maps

  • Batch and blast email marketing
  • Linear channel-centric triggers
  • Multiple inconsistent experiences per customer
  • Delayed channel-centric personalization
  • Siloed audience segmentation
  • Static reports & analytics
  • Multiple disconnected tools

Into these…

Opportunity Trees™

  • Adaptive real-time email marketing
  • Dynamic real-time adaptive decisions
  • One consistently relevant experience per customer
  • In-the-moment customer-centric personalization
  • Holistic audience segmentation
  • Real-time reports & actionable insights
  • One unified platform

Never miss another opportunity again.

Combine all historical customer information (slow data) with in-the-moment behavior (fast data) during each interaction to stay relevant faster than your customer can blink.

Alterian Chameleon Adaptive Customer Experience Platform


The Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform: Do more with less using one tool.

Insights icon


Access and manage the full extent of each customer relationship in a matter of seconds

  • Customer & Campaign Analytics
  • Real-Time Results & Reporting
  • Adaptive Marketer™ Data Environment
Campaign Manager icon

Campaign Manager

Orchestrate a consistently relevant Adaptive Customer Experience in full context

  • Real-Time Campaign Management
  • Adaptive Marketing Automation
  • Omni-channel orchestration
dynamic-decision-engine icon

Dynamic Decision Engine

Adapt to each customer in real time with in-the-moment personalization on any channel

  • Adaptive Email & Trigger Campaigns
  • Adaptive Data Mobilization
  • Adaptive Identity Management

You know you can do better.

Become an Adaptive Marketer™