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Journey Orchestration

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Take control of designing your journeys across all touchpoints with Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform. Deliver the Next Best Actions, Personalized Recommendations by using our Experience Designer to orchestrate journeys with ease.

Streamline, simplify and speed up your journey design

For many brands making a multi-channel journey requires briefing multiple teams. Not now. With Alterian’s Experience Designer you can create enhanced experiences in seconds covering all your channels.  Using a Library of out of the box logic and connector tiles as building blocks it’s easy to add and edit standard logic and any of the channels.  The visual flow makes it straightforward for colleagues to understand your journey. Putting you in control of your journeys, not other teams.

Streamline Journey Design

Boost productivity with out of the box connectors, decision logic and AI/ML

All brands are under pressure to respond to customers faster. It is why we have focused on user productivity throughout the Alterian Real-Time CX Platform. Our central library of actions lets you use and edit our standard pieces of logic and connectors. So, you do not have to start from scratch.  The local Action Library lets your power users create new Actions that can then be used by all your users when designing new journeys.

Tile Builder Library

Build or extend connectors and add advanced logic in our low code development environment

Delivering the right customer experience can require the creation of detailed rules and advanced logic, or identify where to support your decisions with AI. With Alterian’s Journey Orchestration capabilities, power users can work with our Action Template Builder. With comprehensive logical functions, as well as pre-built connectors users can rapidly create and publish new Actions for repeatable reuse in journeys, with even the most sophisticated logic. Once published to the Action Template Library users can simply add the pre-built Actions into their journeys to aid rapid time to value.

Build or Extent Connectors

Create decisions and connectors without constraints

To deliver the right customer experience for each customer sometimes needs detailed rules and advanced logic to be created. That’s why at Alterian, advanced users can work with our Action Template Builder. With comprehensive ETL functions, as well as over 160 pre-built connectors users can rapidly create and publish new Actions tiles, with even the most sophisticated logic. Once published less technical business users can simply add the tiles into their journeys.

Create Decisions

Hyper Personalize each of your Journeys

All brands know that customers are not all the same.  They behave differently, like different content, use different channels and have different value. The Alterian Real-Time CX Platform makes it simple to hyper personalize every journey. Whether you use rules and data grids to add in your personalization for each segment or customer, or use our AI and Machine Learning tools to automate the process the result is the same – the best message, action and content for each customer.

Hyper Personalized Journeys

Orchestrate concurrent journeys for every customer

Many of our brands have 100’s of Journeys live at any one time.  A customer hitting a website or call center could be eligible for multiple rules to fire and support multiple journeys, and a brand needs to be able to control priorities.  With Alterian, it is easy for users to prioritise or rank each rule.  As business requirements change, you can simply change these priorities and immediately action this change.

Orchestrate Journeys

Machine Learning for Optimum Recommendations

Customers are in control and their journeys can be complex.  They expect brands to respond and reach out to them in under 100 milliseconds across any channel they choose.  This makes it tough for brands to keep up.  Alterian has embedded Machine Learning throughout our Platform.  Whether it’s using Models to make Next Best Recommendations and drive personalization or using our Multi-Armed Bandit Tile to automatically roll out the best performing content, Alterian has it covered.

Machine Learning

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