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The Alterian Brand

With 20 years of experience, Alterian helps marketers adapt to the unpredictable behavior of their customers so they can always send the right message no matter where and when an interaction occurs. Innovative brands use Alterian’s Chameleon Platform to create an Adaptive Customer Experience™ that automatically adapts to the unpredictable behavior of their customers and naturally improves every single time a brand interaction occurs on any touchpoint.

Find out how Adaptive Marketers™ are solving their unique challenges by always being one step ahead and maximizing every opportunity to increase the lifetime value of each customer, one relationship at a time.

1997 Founded

3,000+ Global Users

250+ Customers & Partners

1,000s+ of man years in martech experience

220+ Cups of Coffee & Tea per Day

25,000+ Slack Messages per Month

Chief Adaptive Marketers

We asked: “Why do you do what you do?”

As you might expect, this resulted in some heartfelt and profound thoughts about marketing. In such an emotive and passionate industry, we are driven by the desire to help marketers be better than their competition. We are emboldened by the challenges of new technology and modern marketing. We might be marketers, but we’re also consumers; above all, we strive to help companies create the types of customer experiences that we want to have ourselves.

Great stuff, right? But we thought you might enjoy their snarky answers as well….

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