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Customer Journey Analytics with Alterian

Alterian’s Customer Journey Analytics platform listens and learns as your customer takes their journey. Real-time analysis allows for exact visualized orchestration of every engagement in the moment, regardless of channel or touchpoint across all of your departments. Combining customer behavioural insights with journey orchestration makes for true and unique end-to-end customer journeys.

Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ report for Journey Orchestration we scale our technology to meet all of your business needs, easily adapting to the size and speed of your business incorporating all of the customer’s interactions.

Alterian Customer Journey Analytic

Visualizing Real-Time Customer Journeys

Understanding customer behaviour in real-time is a game-changer. Visualizing customer journeys, breakpoints and expectations with pinpoint accuracy allows your business to get ahead and make critical decisions with confidence while guiding your customer to a destination of most value.

With clear journey visualization, Alterian’s customer journey analytics dashboards enable brands to see these actual journeys as they happen and drill into the performance of particular initiatives in real-time.

Visualize Customer Journeys

Understand your customer journeys across all channels

Alterian’s customer journey analytics software allows your teams to listen and learn about your customers’ behavior by easily understanding real-time movements across all your channels. Gain true insights into your customers’ interactions while seamlessly building a profile of their intended actions through real-time analysis.

Pulling siloed data from many platforms and centralizing it for greater accessibility allows for instant customer journey insights thus leading to in the moment decisioning, best practice communication and overall delivering an exceptional end-to-end customer experience.

Understand your customers

Customer Journey Analytics powered with AI

Alterian’s journey analytics AI instinctively measures customer trends across millions of transactions, interactions regardless of the customer’s chosen device. This allows you to make improvements by automating key processes for efficiency in real-time, saving your business time and money.

With real-time behavior data flowing into our dashboards, you can immediately see changes in performance. Using AI and Machine Learning to constantly orchestrate the best performing content, recommendation, or next best action.

AI & Machine Learning

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Contact an Alterian consultant today and begin your journey to set your business apart from your competition, easily visualise data effectively and efficiently and centralise for better reporting. Listen and learn, and interpret your customers every move throughout their journey with AI to maximise return on investment.

Alterian’s global network team ensures your business receives the best thought leadership and CX industry experience. Our dedicated consultants can discuss with you customer journey analytics, how it increases decision making speed for your business and how integrating your customer’s needs with your overall business goals will ensure you maximum return.

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