Accelerate Customer Experience by combining CX Analytics and CX Technology

In these challenging times, the only constant is change.  The companies that thrive will be the ones capable of responding fastest to the changing needs of their customers, whilst ensuring every experience is just right for each customer.  Those companies which can’t react immediately to market changes will struggle to keep up with their competitors who are using the power of analytics and technology to deliver the very best personalized customer experience.


Customer Journey Analytics is a new area, and it makes sense to use external experts so you can get the most benefit with the least effort and in the fastest time.  Picking the right external experts will mean you can benefit from proven frameworks to help fast-track your analytics.

For example, the Alterian partner R-cubed are experts in helping brands to harness the power of analytics to measure customer behaviour, spot challenges in customer journeys and to predict likely actions.

R-cubed offers companies the opportunity to find out exactly how they compare to their peers through their Refocus tool. By scoring yourself on six insight essentials – such as actionable insights, customer contact effectiveness, customer value and marketing attribution – you’ll not only see how well you’re doing but will also receive a comparison against similar companies.

This gives you the starting point for planning your roadmap to deliver a superior customer experience and just as importantly, increased profits.


Jo Young, Innovation Director at R-cubed, explained the importance of analytics and insights to R-cubed’s clients, “What we provide to our clients is the ability to turn raw data into actionable insights. We then use those insights to develop the optimal customer experience and deliver it in real-time through technology such as Alterian Real-Time CX.”

“Hardly anyone suffers from a lack of data – what they lack is the ability to turn it into something they can use. But once you master your data, you have a clear path to reducing costs and increasing revenue. That’s why we offer the Refocus tool free to companies, so that they can quickly see where they stand to make the most gains.  Working with our clients we see sales increases of up to 30% through creating true optimized and personal customer experiences.”


Journey Analytics and Orchestration technology is designed to put business users in the driving seat when creating better experiences for customers.  Acting as a central brain, it brings to life the actual journeys that customers make across every touchpoint and channel, not the ones you just think they take.  Users can see the actual behavior, pinpoint issues, then seamlessly design and orchestrate better journeys all from the same single platform.  It dramatically cuts set up time, as the Journey Orchestration takes place centrally, rather than in multiple systems, yet still orchestrates the customer experience across every touchpoint.

That is where technology platforms such as Alterian’s Real-Time CX, identified as a Leader by Forrester in Journey Orchestration, fits in. The platform allows a brand to track, analyze, and influence the interactions for each customer in real-time.  Whether through user-designed logic, scoring predictive models in real-time or utilising Machine Learning and AI, the result is the same, a more personalized and contextually appropriate experience for every customer.

CX Technology doesn’t need to be scary, it should be easy to use.  So lookout for the technologies which score highly on Usability.

As Alex Thompson, CX Product Director at Alterian explains, “Fully Integrated Journey Analytics and Journey Orchestration technology such as the Alterian Platform makes real and rapid difference to businesses. It helps to visualize actual customer journeys, spot issues, build improved real-time experiences and see the results. Whilst models created by data science experts, such as the R-cubed team can be used for real-time scoring, included in automated machine learning testing, and use to complement AI led predictions of journeys.”


With consumer expectations and competitive pressures constantly increasing, standing still simply is not an option for most businesses.  CX Technology is designed for agile implementation and use cases are typically live in 3-6 weeks, so you can quickly see the improvement to your business.  Additionally, we make it easy to test and learn.  Our Machine Learning powered testing optimizes improvements automatically, whilst you can check the ROI being delivered in your CX Dashboards.


With your CX Analytics and CX Technology in place, both you and your customers benefit.  Customers will enjoy the right experience tailored for them, so they receive the right message, at the right time, in the right channels. Whilst your business will achieve strong ROI, and be able to create better experiences faster and easier.


Why not contact us today for an initial discussion and to register for the R-cubed Refocus framework Refocus – Smarter data-driven marketing. You can share more about your business, and we can share some case studies and explain more about our strategy and technology.

About Alterian

Alterian has a 20-year history of delivering leading real-time customer experience (CX) solutions to brands across the US, UK and Australia. Alterian have been recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2022 and received the highest score possible in the Journey Orchestration, Quality of Visualization, Client Experience, Usability, and the Commercial Model criteria.

Forrester Wave Leader 2022

Key features of Alterian’s leading Real-time Customer Experience Platform:

  • Insight and AI-driven decisioning
  • Personalize to consumers in real-time
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting
  • Integrate and turbo-charge existing channels and systems
  • Scalable model customized to business needs

Read more about Alterian’s Real-time Customer Experience Platform and unique approach.

About R-cubed

R-cubed is an independent data team, with the experience and expertise to optimize real-time customer journeys across all touchpoints.  They help their clients find and act upon hidden opportunities in their data, giving them a better understanding of their customers and delivering real-time strategies to maximize marketing performance.


If you’d like to find out how you stack up against the competition, you can sign up for your free Refocus report with R-cubed here.