Give Personalization The Boost It Needs

Successful brands know that they need to be customer centric across their entire operation and many have turned to personalization in addressing individualized customer needs.  Good personalization is the marriage of customer centric strategy and data integration into a unified brand experience for all.  It sounds simple, so why do personalization efforts keep falling short of their business goals?

Key Challenges

Some of the key challenges facing organizations when it comes to personalization:

  • Programs are often executed in department or channel silos, which creates a poor disjointed overall experience as personalization efforts compete rather than unify.
  • Efforts do not meet customer definition of a WOW experience, as they address simple responsive content offers in a channel versus the full brand experience based on what a customer needs in that moment.
  • Solutions overly rely on stale historic data rather than being based on real-time data that is informed by historic data.
  • Strategy is defined as a marketing output rather than an operations, fulfillment, and support output. Marketing offers and messages are the focus rather than tailored brand experiences.
  • Initiatives are executed in digital channels but not in physical channels. Web personalization is common, but integrated in-store, event, or live call agent personalization is still rare.
  • Results are measured by NPS targets when the true business goals should be LTV and RFM.

The Argument for Journey Orchestration Versus Standalone Applications

Most brands have taken an approach of personalizing by channels and departments to increase customer engagement.  These solutions have resulted in a collection of mismatched technologies with rule-sets that conflict with one another during an a customer journey.  Worse, simple personalization technology focuses on outputs that drive business rather than customer need and customers see right through this disparity.

Journey orchestration technology has now arrived to unite personalization efforts across all channels, systems, and departments. Delivering a truly personalized brand experience for every customer, showing that  brands are adapting to their needs at any given moment.

The Power of Real-Time Journey Orchestration

Journey orchestration unites real-time and historic data across all brand silos and applies machine learning and AI to update the brand experience to match the in-moment desire of a customer. This approach has enormous advantages over existing personalization technologies:

  • Leverages all historic and in-moment data across every traditional interaction channel including email, social, web, apps, and direct mail.
  • Adds additional historic and in-moment data from call centers, chat, in-store systems, interactive events, service kiosks, CRM systems, outbound marketing efforts, operations, fulfilment, inventory, and any other desired enterprise or third-party data source.
  • Incorporates any number of analytical models and leverages machine learning and AI to predict future customer needs to alter the brand experience for increased business results.
  • Serves holistic and relevant brand experiences that meet a customer on their desired terms, in every interaction over their lifecycle.

Getting to Personalization: Five Easy Steps

Alterian clients follow our proven approach to personalization, giving their customers the best experience possible during every interaction.  Here are five ways that you can improve your brand’s personalization efforts with the Alterian Real-Time CX platform:


Unite your data. All of it, from marketing to operations to customer service via hundreds of low-code APIs and easy drag and drop user interfaces.


Unite existing technology and systems.  Leverage an easy to use low-code development interface to tie core systems together like never before.


Quickly design, build, and deploy personalization tests.  Take your ideas to action within an hour by analyzing customer data across all channels and business functions, designing journeys through an easy to use interface, and launching them in the moment.


Measure results and tune your efforts.  Use numerous dashboards and reports designed for executives to CX managers to data scientists and adjust your journeys to better attain key business goals such as LTV and RFM.


Automate journeys with machine learning and AI.  Let the most advanced available technology handle increasing journey complexity and predict behaviors across hundreds of potential journeys and millions of customers, all in real-time.

The Cost of Subpar Personalization

Many brands that have practiced personalization have certainly benefited from their efforts with increased conversions and revenues.  However, many brands have struggled to prove the return of channel-focused personalization and abandoned their efforts.  Journey orchestration holds promise for both groups by providing an easy to install turbo-boost for existing personalization efforts and extending them in a unified fashion across the entire organization.

For the same annualized cost of a typical website personalization offering, Alterian clients are finally able to unite all their data silos and systems for true brand personalization and achieve their financial goals by delivering the experiences their customers desire.

If you would like to speak to one of our team please contact us to learn more about Alterian’s Real-Time Customer Experience Platform.

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