Alterian introduces Rapid Journey AI package to enable digital transformation within weeks

New offering provides brands with true customer journey behavior insight in just weeks, with AI finding customer friction points and recommending the most effective actions to take.

Alterian, the leading Real-Time Customer Analytics and Journey Orchestration solution provider, today announced its new Rapid Journey AI product offering.  Alterian‘s easy, cost effective and fast journey analytics package accelerates the understanding of true customer journey behavior, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify journey analysis, and delivers recommendations for the highest impact next-best actions.

“Alterian’s data from Rapid Journey AI was transformational.  We thought that 80% of our users were commercial partners, and the data proved 80% were consumers seeking more product guidance.  This completely changed our market strategy.” – Head of Analytics, Electronic Consumer Goods Company

“We had redesigned our user experience to better enable self-service, but consumer behaviors weren’t changing.  Rapid Journey AI immediately showed us where the issues were, and with a few quick changes we saved over $22 million in call-center costs.” – VP Operations, International Utility Provider

For brands, customers increasingly feel like strangers and there is an urgent need to measure, understand, and evaluate ways to address new customer behaviors. With Rapid Journey AI, brands can now accelerate digital transformation within weeks and at a low cost.

  • Discover your customers’ true journeys, not just the ones you’ve thought of
  • Discover the most common breaking points in current journeys and see how to fix them
  • Discover unknown “wow” points in current journeys and see how to extend them

Rapid Journey AI was born out of the need to help businesses meet the ever-changing behaviors of their consumers,” says Bob Hale, CEO of Alterian.  “The unexpected and transformative changes that have occurred means Alterian’s offering is now more essential than ever; it’s almost purpose-built to help businesses survive and thrive at this time.”

Hale continues, “As an industry leader in fast and effective Customer Journey Analytics and AI, we are making CX transformation even easier in 2021, packaging our leading approach in a way that immediately helps anyone who needs rapid customer insights to drive real-time actions.”

Rapid Journey AI

Read more about Alterian’s Rapid Journey AI and get started today.

About Alterian

Alterian has a proven history of delivering leading real-time customer experience (CX) solutions to brands across the US, UK and Australia. Alterian has been recognized as a Leader in the latest Forrester Wave™: Journey Orchestration Platforms as well as ranking on Gartner’s Marketing Guide for Customer Journey Analytics. Alterian received the highest score possible in the Journey Orchestration, Customer Journey Analytics & AI, Client Experience, Usability, and the Commercial Model criteria from Forrester.

Key features of Alterian’s leading Real-time Customer Experience Platform:

  • Journey Analytics and AI-driven decisioning
  • Personalize orchestrated journeys to consumers in real-time
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting
  • Integrate and turbo-charge existing channels and systems
  • Scalable model customized to business needs

Read more about Alterian’s Real-time Customer Experience Platform and unique approach.


It is easy and quick to get started today with Alterian’s Rapid Journey AI package, don’t delay. Have an initial discussion with one of our team, share more about your business needs, and we can show you how simple it is to get started.

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