Chameleon™ Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform

Can your customer experience do that?

Meet Tracy, your most loyal customer. Are you giving her the best possible customer experience? Think about it. Then use the Chameleon™ Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform to be sure that you are.

Chameleon marries slow and fast data from all channels in less than 100 milliseconds to allow you to deliver relevant, personalized messaging no matter when or where a customer interacts with your brand. The platform consists of three components that allow you to listen, understand, and engage from one tool: Insights, Campaign Manager, and Dynamic Decision Engine.

Chameleon Adaptive Customer Experience

  • Insights: Access the full extent of each customer relationship in a matter of seconds
  • Campaign Manager: Orchestrate a consistently relevant adaptive customer experience in full context
  • Dynamic Decision Engine: Adapt to customer behavior in real-time with in-the-moment personalization on any channel

Try an Adaptive Customer Experience™ instead.

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