Crowned Chameleon: Jaap Jan van den Bosch

What on Earth is a Crowned Chameleon?

At Alterian, we’ve taken to calling ourselves Chameleons, just like our platform. Since we’re Adaptive Marketers™ ourselves, the moniker seemed to fit just right. While our team consistently goes above and beyond across the board, each month we’ll highlight one employee who has been nominated by our team leads for that little extra something in embodying our mission, vision, values, and goals—the Crowned Chameleon.

Alterian Crowned Chameleon

Jaap Jan van den Bosch, User Experience Designer

Congratulations, Jaap! Here’s what Dennis Dofferhoff, Sr. Business Solutions Consultant & Global Team Lead, had to say:

“I think Jaap Jan is key in the design of our new Campaigns UI as we know it and moving forward. This design was based on interviewing many partners and customers. He produces many new designs and UI options before choices are made and any code is programmed. He loves to share, concepts, discuss and validate these also outside the DevOps world (with pre-sales for instance).

Jaap Jan works very remote and isolated, so this on itself is a very good attitude! When the UI ambition is constraint by time or programming decisions (no drag-and-drop), he still moves forward at high speed delivering that 2% extra in producing fantastic and well thought out UI design options. Jaap Jan likes to deliver to a certain degree ‘the perfect design, but still works at speed. He meets all of our company pillars.”

Jaap and his daughter at Legoland
Jaap and his daughter at Legoland.

The Proverbial Interview

Nicely done, Jaap! Your attention to detail and efforts to work with many clients and internal teams to design our UI makes you stand out.

At Alterian, we’re a great, big, international family, and we’d like to share some of that with you. So, I prompted Jaap to share a bit about his professional and personal life to shed light on the type of badasses that our team is made up of.

So, what do you do for Alterian?
“I work as a user experience designer. My responsibility is user friendliness; therefore, I do research (observations, interviews, and usability tests) to better understand the challenges of our users—the Digital Marketer, or as we like to call them, the Adaptive Marketer.

Secondly, I translate the results of this research work into prototypes to evaluate and user test. From there I translate them into detailed visual designs. At the moment, we are working on the designs for hyper-segmentation campaigns for our US customers, with which the digital marketer can efficiently set up personalization for hundreds of different possible segments. We improve ease of learning by providing more guidance and of ease of use by adding functionality to minimize repetitive work.”

What is your favorite part about working for Alterian?
“Firstly, clever people to work with. Secondly, the open culture, and finally the freedom with which you can do your work.”

What does being an Adaptive Marketer™ mean to you?
“Being Adaptive Marketer is about being able to adapt to the changing behavior of consumers. It also means being more efficient and effective in the preparation and execution of your campaigns by applying automation to adapt the behavior of the campaign to the responses of the consumers. The Adaptive Marketer stays in full control of the campaigns by being informed about the actions (adaptive behavior) and results of the campaigning in an appropriate manner, without the tools becoming a black box.”

Jaap Jan van den Bosch skydiving
Jaap is an adrenaline junkie; here he is vertical skydiving.
Jaap Jan van den Bosch skydiving
Getting ready to jump out of a plane.

We believe in, “Work hard, play hard.” What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the office?
“Of course, spending time with my family—I have a 14-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter. Furthermore, work out a lot. My main sport is swimming. I used to give swimming lessons to children and swim training to triathletes. At the moment, I am also pumping iron and trying out yoga.”

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?
“It’s hard to pick just one, so I’ll say a few: Skydiving in a stand position after exiting from a Russian Army helicopter, then landing on horse racing track in Malta where you had to watch out for the horses training there. Second: Completing an Ironman triathlon in France, which includes swimming in a bay, cycling, and running in the Pyrenees mountains. Finally: a vacation to Legoland in Denmark with my daughter Sally. Absolutely great fun.”

Jaap and his daughter at Legoland
Jaap visiting Disneyland with his daughter.

Who’s next?

Thank you for having fun with this feature blog and telling us some unique things about yourself, Jaap! Congratulations on this honor—you deserve it. Jaap is one of many unique and talented cogs in the Alterian machine, and I look forward to sharing next month’s Crowned Chameleon with you in the new year.

Want to call yourself a Chameleon? See what positions we have open on our Careers page and join the squad.

Niki Hale headshot

Niki Hale, Marketing Consultant

Niki is a marketing jack-of-all-trades for Alterian—you might say, a true Chameleon! Since graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she has worked in marketing for ad tech, martech, and the agency space, gaining unique perspective for B2C, B2B, and internal communications. From web and graphic design, to social media management, copywriting, culture initiatives, and more, Niki helps us market to marketers.

At home, you can most likely find Niki cooking—with a glass of wine in hand, of course—or drawing, all while plugged in to an audiobook or a podcast. She’s also a die-hard Harry Potter fan and loves attending concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheater outside of Denver.