Crowned Chameleon: Latoria Jackson

What on Earth is a Crowned Chameleon?

Alterian Crowned Chameleon

At Alterian, we’ve taken to calling ourselves Chameleons, just like our platform. Since we’re Adaptive Marketers™ ourselves, the moniker seemed to fit just right. While our team consistently goes above and beyond across the board, each month we’ll highlight one employee who has been nominated by our team leads for that little extra something in embodying our mission, vision, values, and goals—the Crowned Chameleon.

Latoria Jackson, Senior Technical Support Engineer

Latoria Jackson Alterian

So, why Latoria? Here are a few things the nominators had to say:

“Latoria is a rock in the US support team—packed full of knowledge and expertise but also focused on the customer, dedicated to satisfying them. Latoria gets things done, always providing that extra bit of information that adds context or makes the next step easier to take. I am always reassured when I know that Latoria is working an incident.”

“Latoria has been looking after our support platform and have brought a number of quick improvements to the tool which mean that the team are constantly benefiting and able to use improvements. Some of the improvements include:

  • Ability to track ticket updates of team members who are out of the office
  • Introducing mandatory fields to improve quality of data
  • Fixing how tickets are categorised so that the make more sense and are useful for reporting
  • Creating a team space to share knowledge

Seriously, she rocks.”

The Proverbial Interview

It’s clear that Latoria is a staple of our support team. Congratulations!

At Alterian, we’re a great, big, international family, and we’d like to share some of that with you. So, I prompted her to share a bit about her professional and personal life to shed light on the type of badasses that our team is made up of.

So, what do you do for Alterian?
“I hope I bring light to this shining organization with my kilowatt smile, infectious laugh, alluring personality, and radical thinking. Then I unleash it all on our customers, at elevated levels, bringing justice—well actually, solutions—to their problems. Sounds really super hero like… I think we call it something like ‘Senior Technical Support Engineer.’ ???? There are so many others here just like me. Passionate and proving it.”

What is your favorite part about working for Alterian?
“It’s always been the people! So much brilliance here, but when you cross that with humor, quirky personalities, and a global melting pot of cultures, it’s never a dull moment. Yep, I’m invested in these peeps and gosh they got me so quickly… I literally want nothing more than for them to do well and be well!”

Alterian Support Team at an Escape Room Challenge
Our support team is really good at solving problems… including those tricky escape rooms.
Gluten free taco cake with Sydney team
All the way down under, the Sydney team made sure that Latoria’s cake was gluten free.

What does being an Adaptive Marketer™ mean to you?
“I’m intrigued by people, places, and things that challenge me to think outside of what I know! I’m lucky, I get to work and be a part of a culture that embraces a feeling I most love. When you can pause and say, ‘I’ve never thought of it that way before,’ I think it’s in that moment you’re experiencing growth. I mean, it’s got to be like two meters in brain power or something.”

We believe in, “Work hard, play hard.” What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the office?
“I do so many things I love in and away from work. I think it all just falls under me having fun while creating great memories. As I look back on pictures, it also seems to involve me wearing a white baseball cap… my go-to hair solution for when playing really gets hard.”

Latoria Jackson
She wasn’t kidding—that white baseball cap really is a staple.

What’s a funny truth about yourself?
“I am clumsy… nothing graceful about my walk. I’m usually just trying to make sure I don’t trip and fall. Yes, I am that person that will walk into a door/wall/statue/non-moving object, trip, fall, sprain something, have a brain fart, accidentally send an email to entire company about what’s for lunch… it’s an endless list.”

Latoria Jackson Oprah ShowWhat’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?
“I’ve done lots of cool things. This is just one of them. I managed to go to the Oprah Show at least five times. Yep, back when it was hard for a person to get a single seat in her audience I used my ‘radical thinking’ to get there numerous times. Was even a guest twice!”

What is your average coffee consumption per day?
“Not all who wander are lost. They’re just looking for tea in a world filled with coffee. So, I’m not a coffee drinker. I’ve never liked the taste. But, coffee drinkers, it’s ok, I don’t want to be cured!”

What was your school nickname?
“In high school was Apple Head. I’ve always been a fruit and vegetables kind of girl, but for some reason in high school I was obsessed with eating apples. Kids would bring me their apples at lunch, in the halls, during class, and then they just started calling me apple head! ????”

If you had to be stuck in an elevator with another Alterian employee, who would it be?
“Shaf, one of our DevOps engineers, because I don’t believe he possesses a panic bone in his body. He’s so cool and calm. I’m also convinced that he always smells good. Or maybe Odette, our VP of Global support; the speed at which she processes information and produces a logical solution is astounding! We probably wouldn’t be stuck very long.”

What would be a product slogan you would use to describe yourself?
“Live, love, and laugh as much as humanly possible! ????”

Who’s next?

Thank you for having fun with this feature blog and telling us so many funny and unique things about yourself, Latoria! Congratulations on this honor—you deserve it.

Latoria is one of many unique and talented cogs in the Alterian machine, and I look forward to sharing next month’s Crowned Chameleon with you in September.

Want to call yourself a Chameleon? See what positions we have open on our Careers page and join the squad.

Niki Hale headshot

Niki Hale, Marketing Consultant

Niki is a marketing jack-of-all-trades for Alterian—you might say, a true Chameleon! Since graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she has worked in marketing for ad tech, martech, and the agency space, gaining unique perspective for B2C, B2B, and internal communications. From web and graphic design, to social media management, copywriting, culture initiatives, and more, Niki helps us market to marketers.

At home, you can most likely find Niki cooking—with a glass of wine in hand, of course—or drawing, all while plugged in to an audiobook or a podcast. She’s also a die-hard Harry Potter fan and loves attending concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheater outside of Denver.