Insights to Action

Focus on the Customer in CX and understand real-time opportunities through journey visualization.

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Insights to Action

Turn insights into action within seconds.

Visualize and identify your CX breakpoints and opportunities through real-time CX insight dashboards and mapping. Get a true understanding of your customer’s journey in seconds.


CX Professionals are often limited in their ability to quickly explore customer experience data in full context and in a standardized, consolidated format that can be related to their customers’ journeys.


Creating an enhanced customer experience by knowing which journey enhancements deliver against customers’ expectations and business KPIs. Choose a CX platform that can help next-best actions and support market-defining CX.​

Actionable CX Insights
Customer Data Environment

Having a complete as possible view of your customers’ journeys is essential to know when they are on an optimal path to achieve their goals, or when intervening will enhance their experience. Your customers will choose their path and you make those decisions into the best experience possible.​

Know Your Customers

Always know each individual’s relationship with real-time data (fast), while gaining a larger-trend perspective via historical behavior data (slow). Employ a more complete view of each individual.

Gain Insights at the Speed of Thought

Filter through hundreds of millions of customer and journey data points, in seconds, to answer questions at the speed of thought.

Customer Insights and Execution

Eliminate the need for standalone analysis and reporting tools run by IT. Rely, instead, on one standardized user-interface with pre-organized data that updates in real-time.

Internal Productivity

Don’t be reliant on IT or wait weeks for any other department in your organization when it comes to improving your customer experience.

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