Reduce Cost to Serve through Self-Serve – Iberdrola Case Study

With little differentiation in the product offering, deciding to stay with your current energy provider is more about the customer experience you receive and your ability as a customer to get all the information you desire to make the right energy decisions at your right time.

Iberdrola identified a business opportunity within their existing customer journey experience to not only deliver an overall improved customer experience but a reduction in costs at the same time.


By utilizing the power of Alterian’s Real-Time CX platform Iberdrola were able to:

  • Dramatically reduce call volumes
  • Empower their customers to utilize self-service tools that were already available
  • Increase customer satisfaction scores and average lifetime value per customer

The Business Challenge

Iberdrola pinpointed that they were seeing a large volume of inbound calls related to tasks that could be more easily completed by customers through their app and website.

There was a clear disconnect between contact center, digital and the consumer. This could have been due to traditional customer behavior and lack of familiarity with the website and app functionality. Based on previous efforts to make common contact center tasks available as self-service tools there was something missing in the journey that customers were not taking to complete these tasks online. Therefore, Iberdrola used the power of Alterian’s Real-Time Platform to work through these issues to deliver an effective real-time customer experience and help reduce overall costs for the business in the process.

How was this achieved?

Analyze Your Customer's Journeys

Listening and learning – Journey Analytics

To know where to focus, Iberdrola used Journey Analytics to listen across all channels to identify exactly where the biggest disconnect was occurring. This gave a clear view of the individual customer’s journeys and enabled Iberdrola to really understand the issues and visualize all the key data insights.

By using the Alterian CX Platform, Iberdrola identified journey break points and found that 40% of billing inquiry journeys that ended in the call center started online. Understanding the challenges faced by the customer, Iberdrola was now armed with the insights to take next steps and resolve the issues.

Hyper Personalized Journeys

Putting Insight Into Action – Journey Orchestration

Alterian’s CX Platform enabled Iberdrola to orchestrate customer journeys in real-time and improve the customer experience while reducing costs.

Delivering the Change

By using journey orchestration, Iberdrola was able to detect if a customer was engaging to resolve a billing issue at the first point of contact.

Cost to Serve_Iberdrola

Personalized Experience

At that point the digital experience was personalized and optimized in real-time to make billing inquiries specific to the individual and prompting the most relevant self-service tools to drive the customer to be able to get all the information they needed at their fingertips once they logged in.

Cost Reduction with Self-Serve

The Alterian CX Platform was used to guide customers to self-serve in real-time by providing an individual self-serve journey, not only creating a better customer experience, but reducing call volumes as well.


By combining journey analytics to identify where journeys were broken with the real-time decisioning and personalization from journey orchestration, Iberdrola saw positive results quickly and with a sizable uplift.

  • 22% average increase conversion to digital tools vs. call center within the first 30 days
  • 174% increase in usage of pre-existing self-service billing functionality


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