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About Yes Marketing

At Yes Marketing, we offer marketing technology that’s so much more than just technology. We help brands connect their cross-channel customer experiences every step of the way, as their single, go-to partner. We are committed to deliver this via our database technology management, award-winning agency services, robust data, and cross-channel platform, Yesmail360i. We listen to our customers to better understand their needs and collaborate with them to create a vision, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap that sets their path to success.

Lifecycle marketing is the approach brands use to engage with their customers in a relevant and meaningful way by recognizing the different stages of the customer journey. Lifecycle marketing entails different types of communications based on where a customer is in their journey and informed by customer data derived from preference centers, purchase and browse history, email activity, and more. It’s designed to provide the best experience for every customer with each brand interaction. Yes Marketing brings together our people, services, insights, and technology to drive this lifecycle marketing approach.

Insight from Yes Marketing

Six Steps to Building an Effective Loyalty Program
Building or revamping a loyalty program can be complicated. It requires a deep examination of consumer attributes and behaviors and involves coordination of multiple teams and technologies. However companies that undergo the process with their customer data in the forefront, will see significant improvement in continued engagement and repeat purchases.

A Marketers’ Guide to Reaching Each Consumer Generation
Yes Marketing surveyed more than 1,000 consumers to outline the distinct shopper personas for Centennials, Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers. Find out the factors that influence their purchase decisions and get actionable strategies on ways to engage shoppers from each generation.

The State of the Marketing Cloud
Yes Marketing commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate whether marketing cloud solutions provide sufficient coverage to meet marketers’ needs and engage consumers. The study found that marketing clouds fall short on expectations with integration, cost, coverage, speed, data, tech, services, and support. The reality is that marketers shouldn’t treat the cloud as a single product, but rather a collection of offerings that still require supplemental resources and tools to be successful.

Why We Love Working with Yes Marketing

Yes Marketing uses Alterian Insights and Campaign Manager within their solutions. Our powerful analytics are tightly integrated with their infrastructure, which enables clients to quickly but deeply analyze segments and campaigns in order to take immediate action, ensuring they provide the best possible experience for their own customers. With 40+ end clients through our partnership with Yes Marketing, that’s a lot of excellent CX.

Alterian began working with Yes Marketing in 2000 and is one of the largest MSPs we work with in North America. We are thrilled to continue great work with them every day; the company offers succinct solutions for customers and a knowledgeable staff that is easy to work with. They are always evolving to keep their clients up to speed with a rapidly changing market. You can see why we love partnering with Yes Marketing.

8,693 people used their resources last year

30B emails analyzed for benchmark reports

98% satisfaction from content readers

1 of cioreview's 20 most promising crms in 2017

330+ times featured in major media publications last year