Chris Nolan

Chief Technology Officer
Chris Nolan Alterian CTO

The Lord of Code

Chris is the CTO of Alterian, leading the DevOps team. Previously, he was head of development for six years at SDL, looking after campaign management, email, social media, and web content management technical teams. Prior to SDL and Alterian, Chris worked for DoubleClick for 3 years with development teams in the UK, US, and India. He started his career working for Protagona, a UK-based campaign management company, developing neural network modelling tools to predict customer behavior. A physics graduate, Chris has a PhD in pattern recognition using neural networks and genetic algorithms to identify Fresnel zone plate holograms. 

Chris is a proud father of two daughters, and is a keen cyclist, juggler, and traveler. 

Why do you do what you do?

“Marketing can be amusing, engaging, and educational or misdirected, inappropriate, and annoying. I want to help marketers do more of the former and less of the latter. With today’s volumes of data, need for millisecond responses and deep insights we have to give marketers technology that is powerful, super fast, and easy to use. I love a challenge.”

Why do you REALLY do what you do?

Life’s too short for crappy marketing—especially since it’s so essential to the commercial world.

21 years industry experience

102B emails sent by Alterian on behalf of customers

2 daughters I love more than Graham's Number

2,200 miles of longest cycling trip

5 number of balls I can juggle at once