Nathan Lamos

EVP Business Development
Nathan Lamos headshot

The Solutions Wizard

Nathan is a business development executive who strives to help marketers through the messy, confusing, and broken world of marketing and advertising technology. With over 20 years of direct sales, channels, and partner management experience across martech and ad tech, he focuses on matching the needs of clients with solutions that can be built across the entire marketing vendor landscape. In his role at Alterian, Nathan aligns the activities between sales, partners, solutions consulting, and account management to deliver cohesive and impactful business results for our clients.

Why do you do what you do?

Marketing technology is an ocean of choppy water. Sailing across these waters leaves good and passionate marketers in very messy circumstances. At Alterian, we aren’t afraid of these waters, and we like helping people find their way out. Working with our ecosystem of partners, we provide a wealth of proven, repeatable, and reliable solutions to get marketers out of the storm and into smooth seas. This is the principle that drives my passion, and those of our employees, every day.

Why do you do what you do?

Because the rush I get from hearing you say no is only exceeded by the anticipation that builds as you avoid my calls.

25 years industry experience

30+ martech companies worked/consulted for

45k lifetime cups of coffee... and counting

24 eye rolls from my kids per day

4 kids that I love anyway