Odette Borsten

SVP Customer Success Services
Odette Borsten Alterian

The Client Superhero

Odette specializes in global service management to deliver customer experience that exceeds expectations. As SVP Customer Success Services for Alterian, she pushes her team to do the same, delivering strategies to our customers and partners that help them achieve greater efficiency and empower them to be Adaptive Marketers™. Odette has a proven track record of top performance and fast-paced growth in her previous endeavors at SDL, MediaSurface, and others, making her an excellent leader and role model within Alterian. 

With two wonderfully sweet dogs with opposite personalities and preferences, a Whippet and a Miniature Schnauzer, Odette has her hands full outside of the office as well to keep their tails wagging. She’s also quite the adrenaline junkie, always seeking out the next bungee jump, dive with sharks, helicopter ride, or other thrill-seeker activity. 

Why do you do what you do?

“My passion is to give our own customers experiences that they will be consistently wowed by. To be able to do this in a company whose mission is to help marketers create adaptive and exceptional customer experiences gives me a double dose of my passion!”

Why do you REALLY do what you do?

I’m regularly spotted up at 3 am translating “technicalese” into human-understandable conversation.

16 years industry experience

4k customer issues solved per year

120 customer projects delivered last year

10,900 hours spent on customer projects last year

13 schools attended from primary to high school