Can’t Deploy & Optimize Quickly Enough

Still taking weeks to create new campaigns based on insights you found during data analysis? Forced to export and upload lists into separate execution tools? Limited to static report visualizations using day-old data?

The Problem

In a world where our customers move fast, you need to be faster. Marketers struggle to analyze data and deploy campaigns quickly enough to keep up with 8-second attention spans and unpredictable behavior. It takes too long and requires too many tools and resources to generate a report, export an audience segment list, then import it into an execution tool… the list goes on. By the time you act on the new insights, your customers have likely changed their behavior.

The Solution

Adaptive Marketers™ are agile and fast. Chameleon’s real-time Dynamic Decision Engine (DDE) empowers system-wide campaign deployment across your entire ecosystem instantly. For campaign optimization, adaptive marketers can create new audience segments based on analyzing dynamic incoming results and immediately create a new campaign within minutes. This empowers marketers to adapt quickly enough to stay relevant with customers.


Optimize and deploy campaigns 10x faster so you can go to lunch early.

Scottish Power Case Studies

Deploy and optimize campaigns in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

One of the main benefits of becoming an Adaptive Marketer™ is speed and agility. Find out how Scottish Power can analyze live campaign results, gather audience insights, and deploy campaign optimizations all from the same tool without needing multiple teams and resources.

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