Can’t Keep Up with My Customers

What happens when your customer deviates from your planned customer journey map? Struggling to keep messaging in context with all other tools, channels, and customers? Is the latest state of the customer relationship available for all channels to use?

The Problem

Mapping out the customer journey is a channel-centric approach to marketing that is no longer effective. Journey maps contain channels that are naturally disconnected and contain their own siloed decision logic for messaging. When the customer deviates from your planned journey map, the customer experience breaks, resulting in delayed and out of context messaging for the next interaction.

The Solution

Using Chameleon™, Adaptive Marketers™ can take a customer-centric approach to Adaptive Marketing by centralizing the campaign decision logic, enabling all channels to communicate with each other. Dynamic Decision Engine (DDE) will request the necessary full slow (historical) and fast (in-the-moment) data of each customer to personalize the experience as each interaction is happening in less than 100 milliseconds. Now every interaction is immediately informed by the previous interaction for future messaging.


Increase customer retention by 22% for a fat bonus at the end of the year.

Customer Journey Map

You can’t keep up with your customers, but you can control how you adapt to them.

Find out why your customer journey maps aren’t working anymore and how to keep up with your customers using the Adaptive Marketer™ approach. This white paper, Customer Journey Maps Give Me #FOMO: Fear of Missing Opportunities, explains how to keep your messaging consistently relevant by shifting your focus from channels to your customers.

No More #FOMO

Mike's Opportunity Tree Example

Ditch the map, and head for the trees.

If you can’t rely on customer journey maps, what can you use? We’ve developed dynamic Opportunity Trees™ that adapt with speed and ease to the unpredictable behavior of your customers. Read our blog, Customer Journey Maps Don’t Work Anymore… So Upgrade Them, to learn the three key steps to building an Opportunity Tree:

  1. Prioritize your business objectives and confirm your persona.
  2. Select the necessary slow and fast data.
  3. Review all potential customer opportunities.
There’s a better way.