Engage and Upsell

In Moment Next Best Action

Customers can hit any touchpoint at any time of the day or night.  When they do get in touch, you want to be serving the next best action for them, irrespective of channel.  Alterian’s Journey Orchestration makes that easy.  The platform knows and understands each individual, what they’ve done before, and what they are doing right now, then turns this activity into a recommendation and makes it available to every channel.

Personalized Call Handling

Increasingly customers research on the web, but then call to complete their order.  Often these two channels do not connect, leading to a potential gap in the customer’s experience.  Using real-time CX, your web and call centers can be joined to arm agents with information on what the customer has been doing online.  The result is a better experience for the customer and faster call for your agents.

Cross Channel Intelligent Abandon Cart

Most brands with e-commerce have an abandon cart process.  However, is it intelligent and multi-channel?  Using Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform you can manage the abandon process but make it more personalized.  For instance, not making a discount offer to those who will buy the product anyway.  You can also integrate additional channels so you are not tied to email but can use the right channel for each abandoner.  A potential double win – less cost, better conversion.

Online Behavior Driving Offline Content

Many brand-initiated communications only use a fraction of the data available, often focused around buying behavior.  While that data is valuable it is historical and thus old.  Recent online behavior can add real value, such as knowing what a consumer is interested in right now, not when they last purchased.  Alterian’s Real-Time CX captures behavior data and can feed that into existing campaign and email systems so customers see more relevant offers and content.

Real-Time Adaptive Emails

Emails are a key part of customer engagement but can suffer from being static.  If a customer has just bought a product, you probably do not want to promote that same product to them with a discounted offer. Alterian’s Real-Time Journey Orchestration can connect to an email system and alter content to be more relevant based on live data from your purchase, website, or inventory systems.  The result is higher click throughs and fewer complaints.

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