Save Cost

Channel Switching

Some channels are clearly more expensive than others.  As a brand you might want to encourage lower value customers to utilise the less expensive digital channels.  Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform does just that.  You can spot individuals in a call center queue, then encourage them to switch.  You could trigger an IVR message, a personalised SMS message or an app notification to suggest alternative ways to complete the activity.  Nudging some customers to switch to digital channels frees up call center capacity for your more valuable customers.

Call Time Reduction

It would help your call center agents to know if a customer has already started interacting on the website.  This integrated information can save time on the call and deliver a more relevant call experience.  As the Alterian Real-Time CX Platform lets you connect any of your channels, it puts you in the driver seat for passing that web behavior directly to your agents in real-time.

Appointment Optimization

For brands with physical delivery and implementation or those who require face-to-face meetings, any missed appointment has a real cost.  With Alterian’s Real-Time Journey Orchestration you can link together appointment reminders with real-time operational information to maximize appointment capacity and avoid the cost of missed meetings.  These efforts can even integrate with external third parties such as delivery companies.

Efficient Service Disruption Handling

When a service issue happens, such as a power or network outage, you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to know what is happening.  Alterian’s Real-Time CX technology can listen for early warnings of a service issue and update a customer message and make it live across every channel.