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Getting to know your customers and how they behave is easy with Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform. With clear journey analytic dashboards providing key business metrics ensuring that you deliver the next best action.

Analyse your Customer's Actual Journeys

Customers are in control; they follow the paths they want to and choose to interact with their preferred touchpoints. Alterian’s Journey Analytics enables brands to see these actual journeys and drill into the performance of particular initiatives. Designed to work out of the box, brands can immediately see where customers drop out of a journey and do not reach their intended goal. You can clearly see where to take the next best action. With the ‘side-by-side’ before and after view, you can immediately see how changes improve the customer experience and boost goal completion.

Analyze Your Customer's Journeys

Essential Performance Information at your fingertips

If you cannot measure, you cannot manage. That’s why brands need to see the most up-to-date information. Alterian has a range of out of the box standard journey analytics reports which give you an overview, and let you drill down to find out more. Whether focused on Acquisition, Satisfaction, Engagement, Retention, Testing or Cost, there is a CX Dashboard giving the answers. Alterian’s range of CX Dashboards can be filtered, exported, and can be easily extended. Dashboards also use AI to predict, model and profile performance and customer behavior.

Essential Performance Information

Map Brand and Customer Initiated Activity against your Goals

Businesses are driven by goals but often struggle to visualize all the initiatives they have in place to achieve these goals. That is why Alterian has developed our unique Opportunity Matrix. This gives an overview of both brand initiated activity, together with customer initiated activity all mapped together against your business goals. It’s all in one place, not spread across multiple systems. At last, you can see where you’ve got ‘gaps’ with nothing in place to achieve a particular goal and identify where you could extend and personalise existing activity to hit multiple targets.

Better decisioning with AI & Machine Learning

With customers hitting your touchpoints at any time of the day it is harder for brands to stay one step ahead. Alterian has embeded AI and Machine Learning throughout our Platform to make faster and better decisions for you. Whether it is automated test and roll out, predicting future behavior, visualizing clusters, importing and using your data scientists’ latest model, or optimizing activity to hit your goals, our technology makes it easy.

Better Decisioning with AI & ML

Faster Testing and Learning

The desire to come up with ideas and initiatives to improve performance is second nature to us. Yet, many brands are held back by the difficultly of proving that a change has improved things. Alterian make testing and learning easier and faster than ever before. With real-time behavior data flowing into our reports you can immediately see changes in performance. While our Multi-Armed Bandit technology uses AI and Machine Learning to constantly roll out the best performing content, recommendation, or Next Best Action.

All the information across all your touchpoints

A customer is focused on your brand across all your touchpoints, they are not worried about your different systems. To truly understand each customer, brands need to be able to see a complete picture of their customers, the journeys they make, where they drop out of them, across all your touchpoints. With Alterian, our automatic tracking works across every channel, capturing the right data, and pulling it into all the right reports to give a total view of their behavior.

Information Across All Your Touchpoints

View a single customer, segments, or everyone

Frequently you need to focus down on a single customer, or a segment rather than all of them. With our 20 year+ heritage in insight, at Alterian our technology is designed to let you quickly visualize any person or group by filtering on any data available. As well as the behavior data we capture, you can also bring in your own data or 3rd party data to give an even broader picture of individuals and segments.

Turn your Insight into Action

Learning something interesting about your customer’s behavior is useful, but it is even better if you can turn this into action. Alterian makes it easy to identify segments, then tailor a journey or initiative just for those individuals. And, if you do not want to do this manually, then our built in Machine Learning automates this process.

Personalise Journeys

Get Value in Just Weeks

Alterian Rapid Journey AI measures, analyzes and recommends journey improvements with as little as a simple web tag.

The process is simple, fast, and avoids the challenges with getting data from other silos, pulling siloed teams together, or wading through too much data. Get results quickly without all the typical data hassle.

Rapid Journey AI

Rapid Journey AI

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