Adaptive Marketer™ Data Environment Brief

Adaptive Marketer Data Environment

Your own centralized, marketing-specific customer data environment that’s consolidated, accurate, and fast.

Traditional marketers struggle to understand the full extent of each customer relationship because they don’t have all their customer data centralized into one easy-to-access tool or in one consolidated format they understand—not cool. Using Chameleon™, Adaptive Marketers can extend, centralize, and control all customer data in one unified, marketing-specific data model.

The Adaptive Marketer Data Environment also includes hundreds of connectors to include external data: 

  • Alterian Library – Pre-configured connector templates 
  • Open-Source Library – Hundreds of pre-built open-source connectors 
  • Files – Leverage traditional extract files via AWS S3 
  • Custom – Build new custom connectors 

Download the brief to learn more about how Adaptive Marketers™ handle their data.