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Campaign Manager 6.2

Alterian launches the latest release of Campaign Manager, a core component of our Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform. Our technology allows marketers to operate within a single marketing system, offering a seamless user experience that enables digital marketers to compete and win in the omnichannel world.

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Too Much Data?

With the mass amounts of information being generated online in the modern era, it’s not surprising that many marketers feel they’ve simply got too much data. However, the data isn’t actually the problem—the tools you need to make sense of it are.

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Still Waiting on IT to Pull Customer Data for Marketing?

Good news, IT teams: Marketers can now get Real-Time Adaptive Customer Counts without needing you to run reports! It’s a win-win for both departments.

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Stop! List-Based Marketing Is Not Database Marketing

You may feel enticed by big, fancy marketing solutions, but it’s far more likely that you need a much simpler and cheaper fix: Database marketing.

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Customer Journey Maps Don’t Work Anymore… So Upgrade Them

If we can’t control people with customer journey maps, let’s stop trying to. Let’s focus on truly knowing them at all times, regardless of time and place.

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elevateCX Bristol

This invitation-only event will dive into Alterian technology, the problems we solve, and what it means to be an Adaptive Marketer™. You’ll hear from our guest speaker from the DMA, Zac Thorton, who will be discussing the GDPR and why you should make privacy a brand asset.

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How to Save Retail

Alterian’s Bill Ferguson, VP Sales, and Jeff Hassemer, CSO, left CRMC 2017 with one major solution for retail marketers in mind: Customer experience.

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Adaptive Marketers are Data-Driven

Alex Simonson presented with our client Thomas Cook at DataIQ Summit 2017 to demonstrate how GBG and Alterian were able to reduce their costs by 80%.

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Customer solutions theatre at Utility Week Live 2017

Customer Service is Part of the Customer Experience

Simon James discusses the talks and trends from Utility Week Live 2017, including the utilities industry’s lag behind others in customer experience.

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Are You Missing Targets?

Email is no longer a standalone option. It’s a channel; while it generates demand, it’s part of a much larger ecosystem that marketers must now understand.

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Martech 5000 Marketing Technology Landscape 2017

Too Many Tools?

The Marketing Technology Supergraphic 2017 show 5,000+ companies in martech. Do marketers have too many tools, or just not the right ones?

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The Millennial Expectation

Thanks to technology, Millennials are just the first wave of people that have been brought up with increasingly high standards for customer experience.

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