3 Ways to Supercharge Your Martech Stack with Journey Orchestration

From CRMs to VOC platforms, email marketing to analytics tools – martech solutions have been an integral part of customer experience strategies for years. While still a valuable necessity, the ever-evolving digital landscape and rapidly changing customer behaviors mean that martech stacks alone are no longer able to keep up with the speed or scale that individuals today engage with and switch between channels.

To remain competitive, businesses must look beyond traditional martech towards solutions that can resolve this issue in a way that won’t require a complete rip and replace of their entire martech stack. This is exactly what Customer Journey Orchestration does.

By integrating with the existing setup, Customer Journey Orchestration provides a powerful yet cost-effective way for CX teams to individualize and optimize the customer experience and drive greater business success. In this article, we look at the three important ways that Journey Orchestration works to elevate and supercharge existing martech stacks.

1 Silos to synergy: Elevate your martech stack with connected data

Martech stacks alone are no longer enough to meet the needs of today’s customer. They work on their own, which creates data silos and leads to disjointed journeys that negatively impact both customers and businesses. Furthermore, it means the business has no complete or accurate view of the customer journey. This makes it nearly impossible for CX teams to truly individualize and optimize customer experiences.

Alex Thompson, Alterian’s Product Director says, “disconnected systems and breaking down data silos can be a significant challenge for businesses. With the number of tools many businesses have, it is more critical than ever to have a unified view of the customer journey.”

This is where the power of Customer Journey Orchestration comes in, offering “a solution to this problem by facilitating cross-channel integration that helps enable and leverage data centralization to deliver real-time journeys, tailored to the needs of each unique customer,” explains Thompson.

Being able to understand and action journeys across the end-to-end customer lifecycle is critical to successful CX – and something only possible with the support of a Customer Journey Orchestration platform. It’s all about removing the data silos and creating a holistic and connected tech ecosystem.

2 Experience is everything: Harness Customer Journey Orchestration to individualize interactions

We know customer behavior has changed. Individuals now engage in ever-evolving omnichannel experiences, interacting with and switching between different channels at a rapid pace. The problem is, martech systems weren’t designed to handle this behavior on their own.

While extremely important and effective at solving problems within the single channel they focus on, martech systems can’t scale to today’s real-time cross-channel experiences. As a result, customers receive a disconnected and clunky journey as they switch between a brand’s different channels.

Customer Journey Orchestration solves this problem, integrating with and connecting all systems within the martech stack. This enhances each martech tool’s capabilities while supercharging the full stack with real-time speed and scalability. Ultimately, it allows teams to maximize the power of their martech so they can deliver the seamless experiences their customers expect across all touchpoints.

Doing this is extremely valuable. Because when a customer interacts with a brand today, they expect the journey towards their goal to be frictionless and on their terms. In fact, a recent Gartner survey found 71% of B2C and 86% of B2B customers expect companies to be well-informed about their personal information during service interactions. When customers feel seen, heard, and truly understood, they reward a brand with loyalty which, in turn, generates profit and growth for the business.

McKinsey’s Next in Personalization Report 2021 found 78% of customers said personalized content made them more likely to repurchase. It also found that personalization drives business performance, revealing that companies that grow faster drive 40% more of their revenue from personalization than slower-growing counterparts.

3 Lightning-fast optimization: Drive real-time journeys at scale

Along with individualization, optimization is critical to customer satisfaction and business success. As Alterian CEO Bob Hale explained in a recent interview, “To center the customer, it’s crucial to give them the power to choose their path. The role of the brand is to enable and optimize that pathway.”

AI-powered Customer Journey Orchestration platforms such as Alterian’s Real-Time CX allow teams to see and understand many customer journeys and seamlessly optimize millions of individual interactions in real-time at every stage, at a speed and scale that is not achievable with martech alone. By bringing together such large volumes of cross-channel data and providing valuable insights, Customer Journey Orchestration platforms enable your CX team to continually and rapidly refine journeys to improve outcomes for both the customer and business. What’s more, platforms like Alterian’s Real-Time CX are built for easy integration, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution to activate the full potential of your existing martech stack.

Industry research has shown that harnessing solutions that allow you to seamlessly engage with your customers on their terms not only improves the customer experience, but it also has the power to increase revenue, reduce costs, reduce churn, and improve CSAT. This is exactly what Customer Journey Orchestration platforms do, integrating with existing martech solutions to supercharge their power and help you achieve more.

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