6 Problems Facing CX Teams

How to Solve CX Problems with Customer Journey Analytics and Orchestration

The customer-led digital transformation is underway. Leading solutions such as Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform are helping to drive the change, providing CX teams with powerful customer journey analytics and customer journey orchestration abilities that address their key challenges.

In this article, we focus on six of them and explain how platforms providing customer journey analytics and customer journey orchestration empower businesses to overcome them and thrive.

1 Problem: A lack of clarity or visibility about customer actions taken. If a team is unable to see how customers are interacting with their brand across all channels, there’s no way they can truly understand what’s working and what’s not. At times, teams are relying on guesswork or data that’s outdated or only revealing one piece of the larger journey puzzle. Customer journey analytics visualizes the entire end-to-end experience, highlighting points of friction and showing the impact it has on the business during the customer’s cross-channel journey. Real-time performance dashboards and visualizations also make it easy for teams to track and monitor the success of CX initiatives as they’re happening and make decisions at speed. Through the power of AI and machine learning, real-time journey orchestration leverages these insights to deliver optimized and individualized experiences.
2 Problem: Fail to measure, budget & track ROI of CX efforts. Each time a customer gets in touch with you is a chance to enhance your reputation with the customer and suggest other things they might be interested in. It surely makes sense that you tailor these conversations and pro-actively guide them at a time they’ve chosen to engage with your brand. If a customer is checking an account, you might want to suggest other products to consider, or steer them towards a useful page on the website. Not only are you providing a better real-time customer experience, but you could also avoid the cost of communicating with them via your other sales and marketing activity.
3 Problem: Lack of budgets and funding. CX teams often operate with limited resources, budgets, and funding. The best platforms with customer journey analytics and journey orchestration are built to scale to a business’ needs, making it simple for small teams with limited resources to make a big impact. For teams facing this challenge, Alterian recommends starting with a single use case to show the value of the investment, before introducing additional journeys and events that align with current priorities.
4 Problem: Technology limitations and poor cross-departmental coordination. The nature of customer experience means CX teams need to work cross-functionally and collaboratively with other business units. This can often be a challenge, particularly when teams are juggling conflicting priorities. The Alterian Real-Time CX Platform has built-in connectors and API integrations that make it easy for non-technical CX teams to connect existing systems. This eliminates the need to rip and replace existing technology and reduces the dependency on other departments. Additionally, by connecting all channels and departments, it ensures everyone is aligned and have the data they need to deliver ensure customer gets a best-in-class experience from end to end.
5 Problem: Have an aversion to risk. CX teams often find themselves putting off decisions or getting stuck when it comes to moving their initiatives forward. Platforms offering customer journey analytics and journey orchestration help teams prioritize the most critical initiatives and make decisions at speed with the confidence they’re solving the right problems and making improvements that will have meaningful and measurable impact.
6 Problem: Lack of time and resources. Businesses are dealing with many competing priorities and juggling multiple projects. Customer journeys can traditionally take many months (if not longer) to properly analyse and optimize. AI-powered customer journey analytics and journey orchestration overcomes this challenge, harnessing the power of machine learning to identify issues at speed, automate dynamic journeys, reduce stress on resources and teams, and fast-track time-to-value.

Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform solves the biggest problems facing CX teams today, enabling you to listen, learn, understand, act and optimize every customer journey in real-time. Contact Us to find out more about harnessing its power in your business.


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