Millions of Customers, Trillions of Interactions, Real-Time Scale with Real-Time CX

Being able to achieve real-time journey orchestration at extreme scale is essential for any business serious about optimizing the customer experience and gaining the competitive edge.

In fact, a study by eCommerce giant Amazon found that every 100ms delay in meeting customer’s actual needs and optimizing the customer experience leads to 1% in lost revenue.

Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform makes optimized CX possible, empowering you to see, understand, act, and optimize individualized journeys and deliver the next best experience to your customers in less than 100ms, every time. Download our whitepaper today to find out more.

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Every day, millions of customers are completing billions or even trillions of events across dozens of systems and channels. Each one of those customers is expecting relevant and individualized interactions in every moment, 24/7. This is essential for commercial success.

But achieving this is a significant feat, one that CX leaders concede is only possible for businesses that have:

  • The ability to visualize, analyze, and understand each customer’s goals and the journey they are on, across all channels in real-time.
  • The power and technology to respond and orchestrate relevant customer experience in less than 100ms and meet their needs in
    the moment.

Amazon found that every 100ms delay in meeting customer needs led to 1% in lost revenue.” 

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The Problem

Traditional solutions are ill-equipped.

Existing Martech solutions, customer data platforms, and even BI tools simply aren’t designed for or equipped to handle the mass volumes of real-time interactions that occur each day, nor can they keep up with customers at the speed with which they are engaging with channels or switching between them.

Despite most businesses recognizing the importance and value of exceptional and relevant customer experiences, these barriers are preventing many from achieving their CX goals.

Industry research has shown that seamlessly engaging with customers on their terms not only improves the customer experience, but it also has the power to increase revenue and reduce costs. Not doing so can have significant impact on key metrics and result in:

  • Profitability loss
  • Cost inefficiencies
  • Poor lifetime value
  • Lower CSAT scores

Businesses wanting to remain competitive now and into the future need to adopt solutions that integrate with and enhance existing technology and ensure they can keep up with rapidly evolving demands of customers.

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The Solution

Keeping up with every customer at scale demands the right technology.

Real-time customer journey analytics and orchestration is critical to keeping pace with each customer and meeting their needs in the moment – and this is only possible with technology that provides:

Scale Icon SCALE to keep up with dozens of systems, 100s of customer data points and billions of customer interactions.

Resilience Icon  RESILIENCE with zero downtime.

Speed IconSPEED & LOW LATENCY that enables real-time orchestration in less than 100ms in every interaction.

Cost Effective IconCOST-EFFECTIVENESS that allows for easily measurable ROI and minimizes cost per interaction.

Flexibility IconFLEXIBILITY that enables simple connection to any existing channel or system within your technology ecosystem.

As leaders in real-time customer journey orchestration, Alterian empowers your business to optimize the customer experience through real-time journey orchestration. Our leading Real-Time CX Platform integrates with your existing technology to enhance performance end-to-end at scale. It has been proven to handle volumes larger than some of the biggest online brands, with recent performance evaluations demonstrating customer interactive processing capabilities greater than the world’s largest eCommerce retailer on Black Friday.


To find out how Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform can help you achieve your business and customer experience goals, contact us  and start your journey, your way today.

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