Reducing costs and driving revenue with cost-effective Real-Time CX

Customer experience (CX) teams are under increasing amounts of pressure to be more efficient, be more cost-effective, and prove the true value they are adding to the bottom line.

Now more than ever, CX teams must ensure they are equipped to deliver solutions that support and strengthen their customer-led transformation, while also driving revenue and performance for the business.

Customer Journey Analytics and Journey Orchestration is one of the most cost-effective solutions you can leverage to make this happen and thrive in these difficult times. It also offers rapid time to value, meaning positive impacts can be achieved and demonstrated within a matter of weeks.

For more insights and strategies on reducing costs and increasing revenue using Customer Journey Analytics and Journey Orchestration, download our eBook.

Start by building a business case with Customer Journey Analytics 

Being able to demonstrate to financial decision makers the impact and value of optimizing customer journeys is critical right now, and Customer Journey Analytics makes it possible.

Customer Journey Analytics allows you to identify the customer journeys having the most impact on business KPIs and revenue. With these insights, you can form a strong business case for implementing Journey Orchestration and optimizing customer journeys. Being able to show clear evidence to those in control of the purse strings is vital, particularly when budgets are tight.

Customer Journey Analytics solutions such as those offered by Alterian are able to integrate with existing systems, making it quick to implement. Once in place, you can analyze all customer interactions and journeys at immense speed and scale, and see what’s happening across all channels in real-time. This means you can pinpoint exactly what’s working, what’s not, and what issues need to be resolved. By understanding the journeys that are negatively impacting costs, revenue, and customer satisfaction, you know where to focus your attention to ensure the biggest return on investment.


Turn insights into action with Journey Orchestration

Once you’ve identified the pain points and problem journeys – and demonstrated the value of improving these – you can take action with Journey Orchestration to optimize the customer experience. Platforms such as Alterian’s Real-Time CX with Journey Orchestration allow businesses to deliver real-time individualized experiences to customers across all channels. Delivering real-time customer journeys that align to individual needs has proven time and again to significantly decrease costs by engaging customers in seamless experiences that satisfy their needs and prevent them from jumping to high-cost service channels due to broken experiences with your brand. In our latest eBook, we explain why Customer Journey Analytics and Journey Orchestration is one of the most cost-effective ways to make this happen.

With Journey Orchestration, CX teams are equipped to:

  • Deliver next best experiences to customers in the moment and ensure a relevant and frictionless journey from start to finish.
  • Reduce churn and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Resolve costly friction and breakpoints and eliminate drop-offs along multiple journeys.
  • Provide relevant and personalized customer experiences across all channels.
  • Acquire new customers, increase sales, and gain a competitive advantage.

62% of consumers claimed a brand would lose their loyalty if it delivered a non-personalized experience

Statista 2022 Brand Loyalty Survey

Enhance performance and save resources

With billions of customer interactions happening every day across many different channels, there is just too much information and not enough resource to collate and action all of the insights, especially when systems aren’t connected or speaking to each other.

The most effective Customer Journey Analytics and Journey Orchestration platforms will connect your existing systems and utilize built-in AI to keep pace with (or exceed) the speed and scale requirements of even the busiest platforms or sites.

In a recent test by Alterian, their Real-Time CX Platform was able to take up to 48,000 requests per second, which included making orchestration decisions, tracking customer behavior, and connecting to outbound channels. This would equate to 1.5 trillion interactions a year (about twice the number of page requests of!).

By bringing together mass amounts of data, at speed, and providing valuable insights, Customer Journey Analytics and Journey Orchestration solutions enable CX teams to continually optimize the customer journeys that are driving the most value for the business and customers. In this current landscape, this agility and flexibility is more important than ever.

For more insights and strategies on reducing costs and increasing revenue using Customer Journey Analytics and Journey Orchestration, download our eBook.

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