Integrate and Turbo Charge Existing Channels and Systems



Most brands have a range of existing systems, channels, and touchpoints. The problem is they usually operate as silos. A customer who visits more than one of your channels will likely end up having to enter or repeat key information. Most brands can’t afford to replace all current systems, they just want the current systems to work better together.


The Solution

The Alterian Real-Time CX Platform is designed to easily connect to your existing systems, using modern RESTful APIs so that brands do not need to rip and replace their technology. With over 160 current connectors in our library it is straightforward to integrate your current infrastructure. Then you can harness the benefit of making sub 100 millisecond decisions no matter when or where the customer engages with you.

The Benefits

The Alterian Real-Time CX Platform is designed to support your business goals. Turbo charging and integrating with your existing technology can help you deliver:

  • Increased customer acquisition by connecting channel activity and driving personalization
  • Increased retention through better understanding and serving customers
  • Reduced cost by making decisions in one central system versus independently in separate channels

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