Next Best Action Journey Decisioning


Customers are constantly engaging with brands across touchpoints. Each of these ‘moments’ is an opportunity to provide the right message and right offer to those customers. However, most brands do not personalize the experience or at best they serve up recommendations based on historical data, rather than real-time data.


The Solution

The Alterian Real-Time CX Platform is designed for true real-time decisioning. It enables brands to listen to customer behavior across multiple channels and deliver recommendations in under 100 milliseconds. Platform users can create their own rules, modify existing ones from the robust rules library or use powerful machine learning functions to offer more relevant next best actions ,all while using the freshest possible data. Better yet, users can immediately track and measure the impact of each recommendation.

The Benefits

The Alterian Real-Time CX Platform is designed to support your business goals. Better next best actions can help you deliver:

  • Increased customer engagement beyond simple channel personalization
  • More relevant offers based on the current actions of a customer in any channel
  • Higher customer lifetime value through more relevant interactions at every touchpoint


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