Rapid Time to Value



Every customer experience professional wants to be in control. All too often they are reliant on other teams to make the necessary changes to programs and systems. The result is your initiatives get delayed and you are not in control of your priorities.


The Solution

The Alterian Real-Time CX Platform is designed to put CX professionals in the driver seat. Journey orchestration tools make it easy for users to create new journeys or edit existing ones and a library of standard connectors, functions, and logic, makes this a quick and productive process. Most importantly, it means you can make changes in one central place, which will deliver the decisions you want without needing to wait for others.

The Benefits

The Alterian Real-Time CX Platform is designed to support your business goals. Faster and easier customer journey changes can help you deliver:

  • Keep up with unexpected customer journey trends such as buying surges or emergency service inquiries
  • Maintain customer expectations in real-time without the bottleneck of relying on technical resources
  • Prioritize channel usage such as diverting high-value customers to faster resolution channels during times of peak volume

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