Retain and Reactivate

Defection Spotting

When customers start to show signs of leaving, it is important to act immediately. The Alterian Real-Time CX Platform enables you to listen for potential leave behavior and then trigger retention actions within 100 milliseconds.  This gives you a chance to retain more customers than is possible with slower systems today.

Prioritised Problem Resolution

Sometimes customers leave because a complaint has not been handled well or it has taken too much time to resolve.  If your most valuable customers have an issue, as a brand you want them prioritized.  That is where Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform can play a part; it can identify your best customers in the moment and automatically fast-track them to the right channel or agent so they receive the right level of service.

Pre-emptive Personalized Offers

It is good to predict when customers appear more likely to leave.  Perhaps they do not come to the website as much or stop clicking into their emails.  These can be signs of future defection.  Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform allows you to create rules or import predictive models to assess an individual’s likelihood to lapse.  Armed with this knowledge, you can personalise offers, either in the channel they are currently engaging with or by sending out a message using email, SMS or app push. This keeps you ahead of your customers and puts you in a proactive, rather than reactive, position.

Empowered Agents

For many brands, the call center is where negotiations and final discussions take place.  Alterian helps brands provide the most up to date information on a customer’s behavior directly to call center agents.  With Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform it is straightforward for a business user to set up this process and rapidly adjust the best recommendations from one simple user interface.  This creates a better experience with more chance of upsell or retention success.

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