A Marriage made in Data

A Marriage made in Data – a view from Development

Ten years ago, when I first joined Alterian’s development team I knew it was a place I would be happy. The people were bright and adventurous, innovation was encouraged, and best of all, the products were awesome.

In my first week, I sat in on a product training course with a bunch of partner and customer staff. It was Alterian’s flagship Data Discovery and Visualization product. We were soon slicing and dicing data, calculating queries against a dataset of millions in fractions of seconds. It was like magic!

The geek in me was hooked and I wasn’t the only one. Software training courses can be a bit tedious at times, the mornings tend to drag and there is usually a rush for the coffee machine at the first break. Not this one – 10:30 came and everyone stayed at their desks playing with this awesome new toy. Venn diagrams, pie charts, cutting segments as fast as you could think of clever criteria. “This is soooo cool!” said the bearded guy at the back. The girl next to me was cross-tabbing up a storm:

  • Gender = Male
  • Age between 30 and 35
  • Marital Status = Single
  • Salary > $100,000
  • City = Chicago
  • Calculate!

“Look, I found me some husbands!” she exclaimed with glee. She was disappointed to hear that the training data was anonymized, but at least she found a product she could love.

The landscape has changed in ten years, but if anything, it has got more exciting for developers building marketing tools. More channels, more data feeds, machine learning opportunities, not to mention new coding technologies like HTML5 that mean we can build powerful analytics tools that look great and are extremely user friendly.

What’s more, with our new Real Time Digital Rules Engine, we are finally in a position to solve problems that our customers have been battling with for years. This includes a few problems that will benefit all of us internet users – “I just bought that tablet, why is every website I visit trying to sell it to me?!”

Alterian has come a long way and our pedigree is strong. I look around me in Development and see faces with decades of experience, and youngsters that are keeping us fresh. We understand our market, we have a proven and resilient platform, and we are back to building awesome products that I’m positive our customers will love.

Dave Hitchins

Dave Hitchins, Product Owner

Dave is a Product Owner at Alterian. When he’s not delivering awesome products, he can be found somewhere in the world catching the next big wave with his daughters – or in a beach bar monitoring the surf conditions.