CX in the Spotlight: Alterian CEO Bob Hale Discusses CX and AI in 2024

Understanding the current state of CX is critical if businesses are to differentiate themselves and attract and retain customers. Here, Alterian CEO Bob Hale takes a moment to discuss the trends, challenges, and strategies shaping today’s CX landscape and what this could mean for the future.

  1. How do you see the current state of CX?

It’s an exciting time, no doubt about it. But it is a real mixed bag, a landscape that presents both challenges and opportunities. We’re seeing businesses stepping up their game, recognizing that exceptional customer experience is the key to staying ahead in today’s crowded markets. This was evident in a recent CX Network report, with more than half of the leaders surveyed stating CX was one of their biggest priorities right now. That’s not just talk either. Around 42% of those businesses have already dipped their toes in, implementing strategies and solutions to better understand and improve their customer journeys. This is encouraging to see and a strong sign that the value and importance of CX are now being appreciated. With AI and other technologies constantly evolving and advancing, these tools will be the key to elevating the customer experience even more.


  1. What are some of the big challenges facing businesses right now?

A lot is going on and decision-makers must ensure their teams are equipped to stay on the front foot. Businesses not only need to keep up with the changing economic landscape and technological advancements but also stay in tune with the ever-evolving needs and expectations of their customers. Failing to do this is a surefire way to get left behind in the market. Because if a customer’s experience doesn’t align with their expectations, it leads to more drop-offs, higher churn rates, lower customer satisfaction, and ultimately, revenue loss. To gain a deeper understanding into the true behavior of their customers, businesses should be using Journey Insight™ and Journey Analytics solutions. These insights enable businesses to deliver the individualized and optimized interactions customers are seeking. Those who invest effort into achieving this will reap the benefits.


  1. What can businesses do to improve and optimize CX outcomes?

The key is to transform customer journey experiences into a competitive edge, and this requires a truly holistic approach. Ultimately, it’s all about treating every touchpoint as an opportunity to foster customer relationships. It’s not just about getting a sale or conversion. Embrace the technologies that allow you to truly understand your customer and their interactions at every point in the journey, and deliver the seamless, positive experiences they want.

Build strategies around customer-centricity, leveraging AI, journey analytics and real-time orchestration, incorporating personalization, and nurturing cross-functional collaboration. Additionally, prioritize ongoing revision and optimization. Always look to the data to understand your customers and the journeys they are taking and iteratively refine strategies. The secret to this lies with AI-driven Customer Journey Analytics and Journey Orchestration solutions, like Alterian’s Real-Time CX.

Read more about the power of Customer Journey Analytics and Journey Orchestration in this article.


  1. How will AI and other emerging technologies impact customer experiences in the coming years?

As it continues to evolve, the influence of AI and the platforms that utilize it are set to become even more sophisticated. Take customer preferences and behaviors, for instance. AI will help businesses to predict these with even greater accuracy, resulting in even more personalized experiences. Moreover, we’re witnessing a shift towards real-time adaptation on digital platforms. Websites, apps, e-commerce sites, you name it – they’re all set to leverage AI more and more, using it to dynamically adjust content and offers based on customer interactions and preferences, tailoring everything to individual needs on the fly.

Emerging technologies are also delving deeper into customer behavior insights, empowering decision-makers to better anticipate market trends and align their strategies accordingly. The possibilities of this are incredibly exciting. I also think that AI-driven analytics will support even more strategic customer lifecycle management by providing businesses with greater understanding and improved forecasting of customer lifetime value, churn risk, and opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling. What’s more, AI technologies will streamline the integration of online and offline channels to create truly seamless omnichannel experience. Customers will be able to transition between any channel, without missing a beat, losing context, or having to repeat information.


  1. Today’s customer expects personalization and real-time responsiveness. What advice would you give business leaders to ensure they can meet these needs?

First and foremost, embrace a customer-centric approach. Ensure everyone in your business understands your customers and knows that they come first. You also want to empower your employees to be able to make decisions that make customers feel important and in control. This means giving them the right tools to do this, ones that provide real-time analytics and insights that allow them to understand and anticipate customer needs immediately and address them effectively in real-time.

I’d also encourage business leaders to leverage AI, machine learning, and automation to personalize customer interactions, automate responses to common enquiries, and ensure customers receive relevant and timely information and support. Additionally, focus on breaking down any silos and ensuring that customer information flows seamlessly across departments. This is all about providing a consistent and seamless experience across all channels and allowing customers to switch between channels without friction or loss of context.


  1. What trends and technologies do you think will have the most impact on CX in the next few years?

The future of customer experience is incredibly exciting, and it’s all about leveraging technology to understand and respond to customers’ needs in the moment. AI and machine learning are set to play a pivotal role in shaping this future. We’re talking about a shift where data becomes the cornerstone of every customer interaction and experience enhancement. More focus and investment are being put into AI and machine learning to simplify the user experience and unlock new possibilities within customer journey analytics. This will enhance the functionality of tools and software solutions, making them more intuitive and more effective in managing customer data.

But it’s not just about technology. The industry is poised for closer integration between contact centers, marketing teams and even sales that creates a truly holistic, journey-centric view of customers. Furthermore, as voice technology continues to advance, the rise of voice assistants and conversational AI interfaces is inevitable, particularly in the space of shopping, searches, and customer service interactions.

So, what’s the key to success in this evolving landscape? It’s about adaptation. It’s about embracing these technological shifts while keeping our focus firmly on delivering genuine, human-centric experiences. Businesses that can strike this balance will thrive.

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