What is Customer-led Journey Orchestration And Why Is It So Beneficial

What is customer-led journey orchestration and why is it so beneficial?

Customer journeys are changing. People are interacting with more channels than ever – both online and offline – and they are the ones in control. No longer can brands map out the journeys they want customers to take and expect them to follow them. Every interaction and experience must feel personalized and relevant. If they’re not, brands are at risk of losing sales, customers, and profits.

While businesses have spent a lot of time in recent years analyzing and reporting on these shifting customer behaviors, listening and analyzing is only one piece of the puzzle. Businesses must not only leverage the right customer journey analytics solutions to understand their customer journeys, they must also turn these insights into action to optimize them. This can only be achieved with customer-led journey orchestration.

What is customer-led journey orchestration?

Customer-led journey orchestration allows brands to take real-time actions to optimize journeys and deliver best-in-class customer experience. At its core, it’s all about treating each customer as an individual, not just a number or audience segment. It analyzes each customer’s real-time behavior and previous interactions with the brand, then uses these insights to deliver relevant next steps in the moment that are aligned to their needs.

For example, a customer may be looking at different credit card options. Based on their real-time behavior, they might get a personalized message about the different credit card options available to them or receive a text message with the application information they need at that moment. The result is a frictionless experience that makes it easy for the customer to complete the journey goal (in this case, find the best credit card option).


Why should business and CX leaders care about customer-led journey orchestration?

It’s a customer-centric world. Acquisition and loyalty are up for grabs and it’s up to you to meet the needs of your customers or risk losing them to the competitors. Customers don’t have the patience anymore – if you try to force them along a brand-led journey that’s irrelevant to them, they’ll simply leave. Why wouldn’t they? To them, that’s you saying, “We don’t really know you or actually care about what you need”. While untrue, customers don’t see it like that. They just want to make that purchase, download the demo, book the appointment, or whatever other task it is they’re trying to complete.

Customer-led journey orchestration ensures people stay engaged along their journey. It gives you the power to understand and meet customer needs in real time, serving up relevant information via relevant channels to help them complete their goal. This type of hyper-personalization results in happier customers and delivers immediate and long-term benefits for the business. Because the cumulative impact of great customer experience is vast.

According to a Deloitte report, customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that are not. Leaders willing to double down efforts on optimizing their CX through customer-led journey orchestration have the potential to secure pole position in the market and power ahead of competitors.

Key benefits of customer-led journey orchestration:

  • Deliver next best experiences to customers in the moment and ensure a relevant and frictionless journey from start to finish.
  • Reduce churn and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Resolve friction and break points and eliminate drop offs along any given journey.
  • Provide relevant and personalized customer experiences across all channels.
  • Acquire new customers, increase sales, and gain a competitive advantage.

Additionally, by connecting every engagement channel, data source and system across the business, customer-led journey orchestration helps to foster a collaborative, customer-centric culture and align all departments to strategic CX goals. The near instant benefits of customer-led journey orchestration also means those leading CX initiatives can easily demonstrate the value of optimized CX to senior decision makers and the broader business, and ensure it’s considered in all future strategic decisions.

According to McKinsey & Company, 71% of consumers expect personalization from the businesses they choose, and this figure will only continue to grow. The pressure is on for businesses to shift. Customers are no longer willing to accept sub-par brand experiences. They’ll simply find the competitor that gives them what they want. Can you afford that to happen?

Investing in technology that supports best-in-class customer experience is a necessity for all forward-thinking business leaders. By prioritizing the customer now and implementing a sustainable customer-led journey orchestration solution, you’ll reap the benefits of positive brand sentiment, loyal customers, and a strong competitive edge. More importantly, you’ll be able to confidently deliver customers a consistent, relevant and stress-free experience every time they interact with your brand.

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