CX Is Only CX If It Covers All Your Touchpoints

As consumers, most of us want the brands we engage with to be relevant, personal and consistent across all their touchpoints. It’s frustrating having to repeat information, or re-key data, as you switch between dealing with a call center, website or in-store. Make sure all your channels know the current real-time state and potential of each customer NOW, and you are making giant strides to ensuring your customers get the best possible experience.

Silos don’t deliver true CX

Talk to some Customer Experience Software Providers and you’d think that being personalized and relevant in a single channel is all you need to do. Whilst that’s useful, it doesn’t really solve your customer experience challenge. What happens the minute your consumer moves to another channel which doesn’t know the current situation of your customer? You could have your most valuable customers, who’ve got a question about your product stuck in at the back of a call center queue growing increasingly dissatisfied. Or a new customer just eagerly completing a purchase, only to check their email inbox and see an early email saying they could have purchased with a discount.

What capabilities do you need in place to deliver CX across all of your touchpoints?

Connection Library

Any solution should make it easy to connect your existing technology and channels together. After all, how many brands have the enthusiasm or budget to rip and replace those existing channels. Having a pragmatic CX system with a library of configurable connectors and the ability to quickly extend to new channels surely is the way forward.

A Central Brain

Once you’ve connected to each of your touchpoints, then you want to be able to know the state of each individual, the appropriate real-time action for them, and make personalized recommendations out to them via each channel in real-time. There is no point making general recommendations, they’ve got to be personalized and relevant for each customer. Having a brain which can pool the best data, turn this data into insight then feed it to each channel to recommend the best action gives you a real edge.

Prepare for Change

Your existing channels will change and new channels will emerge. Therefore, any customer experience solution has to be ready for this. If you create rules in your central brain, rather than embed them deeply in each channel, it’s far less painful to switch from one CMS to another or migrate your CRM.

So if you are struggling with silos, then why not request a demo or contact us to share your experience or learn more how we’ve cracked this multi-channel channel challenge for other brands.

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