Journey Discovery To Action

Harness the power of real-time journey discovery to action

CX leaders today know the value of understanding customers and personalizing the interactions they have with their brand. Yet, existing systems and traditional brand-led marketing is causing these businesses to fall behind the competition.

Customers know what they want, and they expect to get it fast. This demands technology that lets you track customer interactions in real time and dynamically adapt and respond to those needs in the moment, in whatever channel the customer is using.

Highly personalized customer experiences, where needs are instantly satisfied on the go, create lasting impressions and optimal results. Not only do they minimize customer drop-offs and journey friction points, but they also help to increase conversions and boost profits.

Despite this, many businesses still don’t fully understand how advantageous a hyper-personalized CX platform can be for their operations. There’s also a misconception that CX platforms can take a long time to implement and cause huge disruptions to the business and customers.

With the right solution, you can be set up and on your way in just a few short weeks, creating immediate improvements across every one of your customer journeys. The answer lies in adopting technology that integrates with your existing systems and connects your channels, while delivering real-time insights to action at the speed of your customer. This is discovery to action, and it’s achievable through the combined power of Customer Journey Analytics and Customer Journey Orchestration.

Mastering discovery to action in four simple steps

1 Integrate the data The first critical step to discovery to action is connecting the data channels across your business, a quick and easy process that requires little to no development work and causes zero disruption to your day-to-day operations. The user-friendly connectors and no code environment within Alterian’s own platform have allowed most clients to connect their entire existing technology stack within weeks and additional data sources within days.
2 Understand the customer journey With rapid integration complete and Customer Journey Analytics in place, the stage is set for discovery to action. You now have instant access to real-time customer journeys and behavior as it happens, and clear visibility of what needs to change within the customer experience. Utilizing the power of AI, data patterns and friction points that would normally take weeks or months to manually sift through can now be discovered in no time. This means you’re able to immediately pinpoint breakpoints and identify the critical improvements to action and improve outcomes.
3 Orchestrate new customer journeys Now that you have the insights you need, it’s time to put it into action. You’re able to now orchestrate unique and personalized customer journeys that align to your customer needs and resolve the journey breakpoints you’ve discovered. Customer Journey Orchestration allows you to do this in real time and improve the customer experience almost immediately, keeping customers happy, engaged and on track to conversion.
4 Automate and optimize No customer is alike and customer needs are always changing. The true power of Customer Journey Analytics and Customer Journey Orchestration comes when both are working together to drive continuous improvement of all customer journeys in real time. This improves efficiency and drives performance, allowing you to catch and resolve issues in the moment and optimize customer experiences across all channels. This continuous improvement allows you to consistently deliver impactful customer experience, tailored to each customer and meeting their every need in the moment. In turn, this results in stronger business performance.

Incorporating Customer Journey Analytics and Customer Journey Orchestration into your CX operations is a key step in moving ahead of your competitors. By selecting a platform that can offer this and also work in concert with your existing processes and infrastructure will only add further value and ensure expedited ROI.

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